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Australia’s 2022 election live: Anthony Albanese promises to “unite Australians” while liberals consider defeat in the city center | Australian News


We have a lot of exact numbers for you here on our live results page:

There’s a lot to discuss about the bottom, but let’s take a look up. The Senate, the Review House, is often hostile to those in power in the House of Representatives.

The new Labor government is likely to face a bench dominated by greens – as Ben Raue writes this is a friendlier scenario. (Although, for now Anthony Albanese promised to end climate wars, it will be interesting to see how the Greens will use their new power to force faster action on climate change). Here is Raue:

If you are already on the move, plug in headphones. Catherine Murphy and Lenore Taylor (already!) release the podcast. They talk to Jane Lee about, well, everything – including this unusually large cross bench:

Sarah Martin brought together topics from yesterday (and until this morning), including the elected Prime Minister Anthony AlbaneseVictorious speech. He said:

Tonight the Australian people voted for change. I am humiliated by this victory and am honored to have been given the opportunity to become the 31st Prime Minister of Australia.

Read her full piece here:

And before we get right into the weeds, Catherine Murphy (one way or another, after a very long day) wrote this sharp, sharp article about how the Liberal Party got here and where it can go next:

This morning we will come to you quickly and quickly. It will be wild. But if you’re still drinking caffeine and starting your day, here’s a great transition. Please enjoy photos of nobles at polling stations:

Good morning

Welcome to the morning after evening!

In Australia, the new Prime Minister, rising stars of green and tea Scott Morrison will be handed over to the new Liberal leader. The political landscape had (and sorry for the excessive word, here) a seismic shift.

In his welcome speech, Anthony Albanese promised to implement c Уluru Statement from the heartto end climate wars and oversee a better and more caring government. He said:

I want to seek our common goal and promote unity, not fear. Optimism, not fear and division.

And we will hear more about how women roared in this election.

The loss of shock (to be exact, an expected but almost certain loss) was Josh Friedenbergwhose manor Cuyon should become independent Monique Ryanleaving Peter Dathan (who himself was frightened at the beginning of the vote count) as a contender for the Liberal leader.

Moderate Tim Wilson lost Goldstein independent Zoya Danilaand others moderate including Dave Sharma, Trent Zimmerman and Jason Falinsky also looked to be losing.

Most Labor has not yet been confirmed, but Albanese said his team would get to work immediately – the first thing on his agenda is to go to Japan for a Quad meeting with the foreign minister Penny Wong.

In the morning, both major parties voted in the first election in the 1930s, and both were against them. The Greens rose 2.3% and hoped to take two more seats in the lower house on top of those already announced.

Many places are still too close to name.

The counting continues today and Catherine Murphy, Sarah Martin, Daniel Hearst, Josh Butler, Paul Carpand the rest of the Guardian Australia team will make sure you are up to date.


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