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Australia’s biggest flower trends for 2022 have been announced


Australia’s largest online seller of flowers and gifts has published its floral forecast for 2022, the list of which is headed by a happy and cheerful flower.

Roses Only says that this year you can watch the modest sunflower, its naturally happy nature will help leave 2021 behind and gives a new sense of hope for next year.

Roses Only named the main floral trends of 2022:
1. Sunflowers
2. Natives
3. Phalaenopsis orchids for luxury factor
4. Reflected roses – premium rose petals folded back to show a fuller “blooming” rose
5. Asymmetry and arrangements that have a slightly wilder shape
6. Grouped flower arrangements, not evenly mixing them throughout the bouquet
7. Flowers for this amazing color will also be very popular
8. Monochrome designs where the foliage is similar in color tones with flowers

CEO Kelly Taggart says the company is looking at buying trends in its customer base, and Sunflower is excellent.

“Sunflowers are growing in popularity, and we think their bright yellow petals and single large heads are exchanging positivity, and that’s what we all need right now,” she says.

Australia's biggest flower trends for 2022 have been announced

“An added bonus is that when you get them, some of them will be in their infancy or semi-open, which means you’ll be able to watch them open and enjoy their gorgeous faces longer.”

According to a behavioral study conducted at Rutgers University in New Jersey, the presence of flowers evokes joyful emotions, increases life satisfaction and influences social behavior in a positive way, much more than is commonly believed, with sunflowers topping the list. us the happiest.

Only roses say other flowers on their most popular list for next year include natives, phalaenopsis orchids for luxury and roses, where the petals of premium roses are folded back to show a more “blooming” rose.

The company has also identified the hottest trends in floral arrangements for special events and activities with a more natural and organic theme.

Australia's biggest flower trends for 2022 have been announced

“The asymmetry and arrangements, which are a bit wilder in shape, departing from the old traditional round and tight bouquets of the past, will be in the lead this year,” Ms. Taggart says.

“Grouped flower style rather than uniform mixing throughout the bouquet, and clear flowers for this amazing color will also be very popular.

“We are also seeing the emergence of monochromatic designs where the foliage has a color tone similar to flowers, which is a trend especially for events such as weddings.”

For more information, visit www.rosesonly.com.au.


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