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Australia’s Most Instagrammed Waterfall: A Stone’s Throw


Achieving Instagram-worthy moments in NSW doesn’t require excessive effort. With five of the nation’s top ten most Instagrammed locations nestled within Sydney, alongside the world’s most Instagrammable restaurant, urban exploration often suffices. Yet, for those seeking a post with an added ‘wow’ factor, venturing into the Blue Mountains proves rewarding. Here, amidst its breathtaking landscapes, lies one of the world’s most stunning and heavily Instagrammed waterfalls. A recent analysis by Niagara Falls Tickets & Tours scrutinized global waterfall data, ranking Wentworth Falls as the twelfth most photographed. And unsurprisingly, Niagara Falls itself claimed the top spot, boasting over 4 million Instagram hashtags.

Where can one find the most Instagrammed waterfall in the world?

As expected, Niagara Falls, straddling the border of Canada and the United States, reigns supreme with over 4 million Instagram hashtags. With its colossal presence spanning both nations and an awe-inspiring flow of approximately 3,160 tons of water per second, Niagara’s claim to fame seems justified, even if self-proclaimed. As per Instagram, Wentworth Falls holds the title of Australia’s most photographable waterfall, boasting more hashtags than any other in the country. Curious to explore the 97,544 hashtags? Keep reading.

Where is Wentworth Falls situated?

Nestled within the heart of the Blue Mountains National Park, Wentworth Falls sits snugly between the historic village of Leura and the quaint community of Bullaburra. Just a short drive of less than ninety minutes from Sydney, accessing this natural wonder proves relatively convenient.

What sights await at Wentworth Falls?

While the waterfall steals the spotlight, there’s more to discover beyond its cascades. The adjacent town, also named Wentworth Falls, hosts various shops, eateries, and a sprawling lake bordered by picnic spots equipped with barbecues, toilets, and playgrounds.

Originating from Jamison Creek, the waterfall descends across 297 meters from the mountain peaks. While the easily accessible Wentworth Falls Lookout offers panoramic views, a hike through the mountains promises a closer encounter.

The Wentworth Falls walking track, spanning 1.4 kilometers in a loop, guides adventurers across the Jamison Valley to the waterfall’s summit, presenting awe-inspiring vistas along the way.

How does one reach Wentworth Falls?

A drive from Sydney takes approximately eighty minutes, making it a feasible afternoon excursion after a morning in the city. Following the M4 and the A32 westward leads to a car park just five minutes off the highway. Alternatively, a train journey from Central Station takes under two hours to reach Wentworth Falls station. From there, a brief walk brings you to the lake and picnic area. For the Wentworth Falls lookout, a thirty-six-minute walk along Falls Road and Sir H Burrell Drive awaits.

What are the costs associated with visiting Wentworth Falls?

Apart from travel expenses, exploring Wentworth Falls incurs no charges. However, setting aside some cash for a snack or a refreshing beverage at Wentworth Falls Country Club might enhance the experience.

Is there a café at Wentworth Falls?

The town center hosts several cafes offering hearty breakfasts, coffee, and delectable treats. During summer, food trucks often grace the lake area. However, it’s advisable to stock up on supplies beforehand, especially if embarking on a hike.

When is the best time to visit Wentworth Falls?

While the falls remain enchanting year-round, autumn casts a particularly captivating spell on the Blue Mountains, painting the landscape in hues of amber. The cooler months are ideal for hiking, while balmy summer days beckon for lakeside lounging.

Is a ticket required to access Wentworth Falls?

No tickets are necessary to visit Wentworth Falls Lake or any surrounding hikes or viewpoints. However, for a different waterfall experience in the area, consider visiting Scenic World. Here, a cable car journey offers breathtaking views of Katoomba Falls cascading into the valley below. Opt for a sunset journey and climb atop the cable car for a memorable open-air experience that might just rival Wentworth Falls’ Instagrammable allure.