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Bad writing and conversation in text have been found to be the biggest dating pitfalls


Struggling in the dating market? Then you can check your spelling.

Research has shown that poor writing and grammar can hinder romance.

And would-be Romeos would be well advised to avoid slang, abbreviations and emojis in messages to lovers.

A survey of more than 1,000 people by dating app Badoo found that 69% of single Brits are “turned off” by poorly written messages in the early stages of courtship.

Almost half of online daters (49 per cent) sent messages with little to no punctuation – and schoolboys make mistakes like this ruin their chances of intimacy, with 42 per cent admitting to being put off by a lousy text while ‘sexting’ their partner.

44 percent say they would dump a lover for a sloppy letter because it shows laziness.

And 40 percent say “text conversations” — like WUU2 (“what are you up to?”) or LOL (“laugh out loud”) — are a turn-off.

And you better get it right from the start, as 69 percent believe that the first message reveals more about a suitor’s personality than their dating profile.


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