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Ban on jockey Michael Poy for negligence upheld after forgetting last lap in Dente race


But Victorian Jockey Executive Director Matthew Highland on behalf of Poy said there was no need to consider restraint in the penalty.

“It’s a one-time career mistake,” Highland said. “We never see anyone make that mistake twice.”

Jockey Michael Poe.Credit:Getty Images

Poy said there were other mitigating factors. The day before he took a day off on Mother’s Day after losing his mother earlier this year. He said he had no plans to ride Kyneton, but his manager booked it for one trip, which was a winning chance.

The trip to Dente was then a late morning pickup race.

The stewards said the jockeys at the barriers reminded him to run more than 2,828 meters, but Poy told the stewards in their request that he had not heard of it.


Poi also added that he bought the house seven months ago and had other financial obligations that were severely affected by the two-month suspension, which equated to $ 55,000 in lost income. Most importantly, he stressed that the players will be remembered as “a jockey who passed the circle early.”

“I’m definitely guilty, I’m not saying I’m not guilty,” he said.

“The biggest deterrence is when you go out for breakfast and people don’t remember you for a jockey who won a group race, or a jockey who rode 300 winners, or a jockey who finished training the fastest in a year. They ask me: “Are you the jockey who went to the circle early?”

Rejecting the appeal, Judge John Bowman said he sympathized with Poy, but the two-month sentence “seems fair and reasonable in all circumstances” and was in line with the precedent set in the McLeod case in 2002.

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