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RAM Motorsport and GWR Australia are still waiting to compete in the 12-hour Bathurst race after an accident during testing at Sydney Motorsport Park last Thursday.

The Mercedes-AMG GT3, driven by Michael Shirgold, Bret Hobson and Garth Walden, completed the lap ahead, preparing for a 12-hour race in Bathurst this weekend.

The test ended prematurely when Sheargold crashed and caused significant damage to the car.

Due to the fact that the car repairs could not be fixed in time within 12 hours, the team had to purchase another 2020 Mercedes, which allowed them to start at the race.

Acknowledging that the incident was less than perfect, the optimistic Shirgold is still looking at the positives that led to 12 p.m.

“During the test day, I became more confident with the car, and honestly, I just pushed the shot too hard, and it hooked me,” Shirgold said.

“At turn 6 he was driving excessively, and once I crashed into the grass, there was no chance of stopping him before he crashed into a wall.

“Unfortunately, there were no tires on this section of the track, and it just fell into the concrete, so the chassis took on the brunt of the impact.

“Afterwards I kicked, but since then I’ve gone and analyzed what went wrong to make sure it didn’t happen in the future. Failure is never a good feeling, but I will learn from my mistakes. ”

Shirgold opined that the support of everyone in the industry allowed them to race this weekend.

“If you have such an incident, you realize how strong the society is in the motorsport fraternity,” Shirgold said.

“Organizations like HWA in Germany and Triple 8 here in Australia were able to help us purchase a car from its previous owners, but I was also called by other teams and drivers who offered to help us.

“Such cases really demonstrate that although we can be tough opponents on the track, we will all do our best to help each other get off the track.”

Although the team has another Merc, Garth Walden and his team are now working hard to ensure the new car is fully prepared for the action this weekend.

“I have to say a big thank you to Garth and the GWR team, they are working tirelessly to set up a new car for the mountain and wrap it in RAM Motorsport colors,” Shirgold continued.

“It’s a huge effort, but it will all be worth it as soon as we get on the track.”

The 12-hour Bathurst campaign begins on Friday.

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