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Battle time, map, tickets, chances of how to watch


This isn’t the first time we’ve heard Paul Galen say he’s close to hanging gloves. However, as he approaches his 41st birthday, he admits that continuing to punch is getting harder.

When I spoke to him in the beginning, he said he had recently gone to a barbecue with friends and had a couple of beers, for the first time he was able to do so after becoming a professional athlete. And he liked the way it felt.

It’s possible he’ll be boxing again this year, but he came to terms with the expected mega-fight with Sony’s Bill Williams didn’t materialize.

“After all, the fight will not happen,” he said.

“I was mentally disconnected from it. As you know, there is nothing I can do to make it happen. “

With the possible exception of Anthony Mandin, no Australian sports star has made more money playing a villain.

We will miss him if he is not.


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