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Be kind to your skin (and your wallet) with The KIND Collective


Founded by Linda Chapman and Pia Dwyer, two women who admire equality, The KIND Collective celebrates individuality and strives to give everyone the opportunity to be the best option for themselves. As a brand created by women, they are on their way to allow anyone to consciously add multifunctional cosmetics to their beauty.

“I’m thrilled to be able to launch The KIND Collective in Australia, it’s a range of cosmetics that’s more than just beautiful, it really sets itself and strives to give people the opportunity to be better versions of themselves,” Linda says.

“When launching a new brand, it is important to be transparent with our customers as to where our products are manufactured and the steps we take to ensure that our product range meets high standards without compromising on efficiency or price.”

Gone are the days when natural means low performance or lack thereof. Many natural ingredients are suitable for the occasion and also better for the environment. These herbal ingredients such as cockatoo plum, licorice root extract and avocado oil are good for the skin and are often better tolerated by sensitive skin.

“We wanted to make sure the range was science-based to get the most out of our natural ingredients. By using natural blue light technology, we can help keep our skin safe by spending more time on our phones and in front of computer screens. ” Says Pia.

With a focus on feature-rich products, the Hybrid Heroes range is made in Australia with 100% vegan ingredients to simplify everyday makeup. Consists of 13 game-changing products, including high-performance bases, nourishing lipsticks and eyelash and eyebrow enhancers.

The range is also complemented by bamboo brushes with super soft vegan bristles.

All KIND products are non-rigid, PETA accredited and packed in 100% compostable bamboo packaging.

Natural mineral based powder: RRP – $ 29.95

Natural mineral powder, available in six different shades, is a finely divided face powder with a soft, reflective coating that evens out complexion, covers redness and pigmentation, blurs pores, fine lines and wrinkles.

This Australian-made powder with nourishing jojoba, vitamin E and kaolin from Australia also includes the best in skin science with natural blue light protection to keep skin safe from the shortwave voltage of blue light emitted from screens, along with SPF 15 + to protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet light.

As part of consumer research:

• 92 percent of consumers saw a healthier look and feel in just 7 days;

• 96 percent saw smoother complexion and softer skin.

Healthy Glow Sheer Foundation: RRP – $ 19.95

The Healthy Glow Sheer Foundation moisturizes and corrects color with a light coverage for lightening and dewy coverage.

This formula is saturated with white sapphire for a soft finish enriched with antioxidants and anti-aging nutrients such as avocado, pomegranate, rosehip oil, cockatoo plum, kangaroo paw, kangaroo paw, shea butter and vitamin E. In addition, natural blue and blue exposure to shortwave blue light emitted from screens and devices.

KIND Cosmetics is committed to giving and has partnerships i = Change donate $ 1 from each online sale to charity. Available online at www.thekindcollectiveaustralia.com, Big W stores nationwide and in some Priceline stores.

Check the rest of the directory at www.thekindcollectiveaustralia.com


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