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Benjamin Charles Rosenov jailed for lighting bonfires in Riverine, with whom he later fought as an RFS volunteer | District News


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The Wheaton man was imprisoned for at least two years and four months for lighting several bonfires, which he later attended as a volunteer for the NSW Rural Fire Service. Benjamin Charles Rosenov, 32, was convicted in a district court last week, pleading guilty to four counts of intentionally causing the fire and negligence in spreading it. The charges concerned seven grass fires that Rosenov deliberately lit along Whiton-Darlington Point Road in Whiton between December 29, 2020 and January 17, 2021. Rosenov has been a member of the RFS since March 2009 and has four times been called a volunteer to fight fires he lit in dry grass with a lighter. Rosenov lit four of those bonfires in one day – Jan. 11 last year – while driving south along Whitton Darlington Point Road. After lighting the fourth fire, Rosenov turned around and drove home on the same road and past the other three fires that were still burning. Rosenov was arrested when Murambidji County detectives issued a search warrant on his property on January 22 last year and confessed to their crimes at the Griffith Police Station. District Court Judge Sean Grant said Rosenov’s crime was “a constant course of serious crime.” [RFS volunteer] Experience, “Judge Grant said. However, Judge Grant said Rozenau’s case was different from the cases of other offenders who deliberately lit fires, damaged large shrubs and injured firefighters.” This offense includes small grass fires that were extinguished on for several hours [with] there is no substantial destruction of property as a result of the offense, “Judge Grant said.” This offense was still a waste of valuable resources at a time when there would be a lot of pressure. ” “and consumed 20 standard alcoholic beverages per night. Judge Grant acknowledged that Rosenov was a “hard-working, respectful, and courteous” contractor on the farm with no previous criminal case and “excellent prospects for rehabilitation.” “[Rosenow] recognized how cowardly people in society could be and what a negative impact his abusive behavior could have had on his fellow firefighters, “Judge Grant said. Rosenov was sentenced to three years and six months in prison and will be entitled to probation. early release in May next year READ MORE Our reporters work hard to provide local, up-to-date news to the community.



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