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Bernie Finn is expelled from the Victorian Liberal Party


Bernie Finn was expelled from the Liberal Parliamentary Parliament for disobedience after an MP from the right-wing Victorian party said abortion should be banned in the state, even for survivors of rape.

His fellow Liberals voted for his expulsion at a party hall meeting Tuesday morning, forcing him to sit on a bench in the upper house of Victoria’s parliament.

Victorian opposition leader Matthew Guy (left) has previously said the party is tired of Bernie Finn’s posts on social media.Credit:Nine

Opposition leader Matthew Guy said he was disappointed that this had come, but needed to be a “respectful, sensible alternative”.

Finn, a Christian conservative, has previously been warned about his posts on social media.

He compared Prime Minister Daniel Andrews to Hitler, described the former employee as a rat, shared several posts in support of Trump during and after the riots on Capitol Hill in 2021, and made inflammatory comments about Andrews and the goat in a public restroom.

In October last year, after Finn compared Victoria’s police to “the modern incarnation of the despot’s militia,” Guy warned all Liberal MPs that they could be expelled if they behaved “badly” online.

Finn resigned from the opposition whip earlier this month after Guy demanded he play by the rules of the team or leave.

The ultimatum came after Finn posted on social media that he was “praying” for an abortion ban in Victoria – including in the case of sexual violence – after the leaked draft US Supreme Court ruling stating that Rowe’s decision against Wade , which legalized abortion in the United States in 1973, could be repealed.


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