Dan McCarthy

During his solo debut in the Supercars Championship, Tickford Racing Wildcard Zach Best was critical of the quality of driving at the back of the field.

A small incident in the first qualifying session yesterday meant that Best had to make his way from the rear of the net in both races.

In the second and final race, he collided with Harry Jacobson when he crashed into a 6-turn stud, the damage broke the steering on the Mustang Best and threw him into the wall.

Best compared the races behind as very similar to the Dunlop Super2 Series race and look forward to racing ahead of it in the future.

“We were just having a hard time with the guys around us being a little rude,” Best said after the race.

“Obviously they don’t like the new guy coming into the category, but they did their best to try to hold their positions and just took second place.

“(Supercars) Obviously this is another big step up, as everyone says, but it wasn’t such a big shock, the racing level is probably very similar to Super2.

“Once we get some pace and make the next jump, we’ll be fine.”

Stewards handed Jacobson a fine for the incident, but that didn’t cancel Cance’s resignation.

Best will return for his second Wildcard appearance next month at The Bend Motorsport Park in South Australia and is aiming for qualifying profits.

“It was my first Supercars weekend here in Darwin, it was a very positive weekend, although the results don’t show it,” he said.

“I learned a lot, I just fought with a few guys behind, it was a good race, although it was hard and hard, but I learned a lot about how these guys race and how the tires wear out.

“I need to work a little bit with qualification, I had a shunt in the first session this morning (Sunday) that knocked us out of both sessions, but we’ll build on that and go to Tale Band again, make another crack, and, I hope to move on. “

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