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Biden criticizes Putin for supporting a reformed UN

French President Emmanuel Macron walks through the UN headquarters

US President Joe Biden on Wednesday accused Russia of a “shameless” violation of the international order by invading Ukraine as he pledged billions in food aid and backed an expansion of the number of developing countries on the UN Security Council.

Biden sought to woo the world in an address to the United Nations hours after Russian President Vladimir Putin called up reservists to fight in Ukraine, a move seen by Western powers as desperation.

“Let’s be straight. A permanent member of the Security Council of the United Nations invaded his neighbor – tried to erase the sovereign state from the map.”

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Biden announced another $2.9 billion for a fund aimed at addressing global food insecurity, which has worsened markedly since the invasion of Ukraine, a major grain exporter.

Biden said the United States would support permanent seats for Africa and Latin America in addition to its previous support for Japan and India.

In recent years, Russia has used the right of veto most often. The United States, China, France, and Great Britain also exercise veto power, a legacy of power dynamics at the end of World War II.

– Calls for pressure on Russia –

As world leaders met, Russia’s allies announced they would hold referendums on annexation in the occupied territory, and Putin announced the mobilization of reservists, showing he was in no rush to end the war.

Standing at the UN podium on Tuesday evening, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said the world was “faced with a new fragmentation” after years of hope following the end of the Cold War and the reunification of his own nation.

Scholz said that Putin “will give up his war and his imperialist ambitions only if he realizes that he cannot win.”

– No “cold war” with China –

“Let me be direct about the competition between the United States and China,” Biden said. “As we navigate changing geopolitical trends, the United States will behave as a smart leader. We do not seek conflict, we do not seek a cold war.”

On Wednesday, China called for a “ceasefire through dialogue” in Ukraine. It has previously offered moral support to Russia, but US officials say Beijing has not accepted requests for material aid.

Biden said Americans “stand with the brave women of Iran” following the death of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old girl who was allegedly beaten to death for not wearing a headscarf as instructed by the clerical state.

In New York, Raisi followed protesters with dissidents who filed lawsuits against the hard-line human rights cleric for his role as a judge during mass executions in the 1980s.

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