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Big Brother Summary: First Neighbor Kicked Out of Big Brother 2022 in Shocking Turn


The honeymoon period was good and really over, as the first-ever neighbor in the house was evicted from Big Brother’s House.

Former male model Josh got his shoes after being asked to take him out.

The 32-year-old has given his heart to a housemate Sam, whom he knows from the outside and has met in the past.

The couple had a private conversation where Josh asked the intimate coach if she would ever feel up to his feelings.

“I’m just in pain … you’re not saying anything I want to hear, so it’s really hard to hear,” he told Sam.

Camera iconJosh and Sam are in the house together Credit: Seven

After their conversation, Josh asked his housemates to put him up for liquidation.

“I just don’t want to be here … don’t change your mind, I know what I want,” he told his family.

The sudden turn of events shocks that Josh changed his mind and asked to stay in the house. By this point, however, the J-Squad brothers realized it was too much of a duty.


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