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Blind Date: Jessica’s lawyer and Jason the auctioneer wanted to step out of their comfort zone


Jason, 28, says:

I arrived at my appointment a few minutes early. I would say I was very nervous as I had never been on a blind date before, let alone a publicized one. I had also never been to the location that was chosen for us, so I was excited to try it out.

When I met Jessica my nerves disappeared, she was very easy to talk to and we had a lot to talk about. We talked about our careers, family, hobbies and passions in life, and how we got to where we are today. We ordered a variety of vegan food which piqued my interest as I’m usually a big meat eater but I was excited to try something new.

Camera iconJason at Double Rainbow. credit: John Koch/Western Australian

After dinner we decided to go ahead and have a drink at a whiskey bar that I had never heard of before so that was cool. I’m a huge whiskey fan. We just sat and talked about random moments, the conversation flowed freely without any awkward moments or anything like that.

Jessica told me about her travels to Europe and America, where she happened to book a trip. She is confident that she will just go and get what she wants.

I’d say we both had a good night, but I think we’re fundamentally different. I would describe Jessica as adventurous, go, go, quirky, very social and up to date with new restaurants and bars which is really cool. I would describe myself as someone who is a little more laid back, go south, go hiking.

I applied for a blind date because I was trying to put myself out there a little more and I thought, what’s the worst that could happen? And I’m glad I did. It was a really fun night. I really can’t say anything bad about it.

It was nice to be a part of that experience, even if there is no second date, but that’s totally fine, we’re just different people, in different things. So we both thanked each other for a great night and agreed that it was nice to meet you.

Rating: 7/10

Jessica, 29, says:

I was maybe five minutes late for my appointment, so I was a little excited. My date was already there when I arrived so I just sat down and started chatting.

Jason and I bought condos in the last couple of years, so we talked a little bit about that. We talked about travel plans, food we like, etc. — just standard first date stuff. He was very easy to talk to, the conversation was good and there was a lot of back and forth. There were no long awkward pauses or anything like that.

Jessica at Double Rainbow.
Camera iconJessica at Double Rainbow. credit: John Koch/Western Australian

I would describe Jason as very sincere and kind. I’m vegan and he’s not, but he was more than happy to share vegan food with me, which I think is always a green flag. Jason mentioned that he’s opening himself up to new experiences and working on some self-development things. I thought it was wonderful and nice to see someone step out of their comfort zone a little bit.

I wouldn’t say I was particularly nervous about going on a blind date, but I was very nervous about being photographed, but it ended up being pretty normal. The photographer was very nice and made us both feel comfortable.

I think we both applied for the blind date for the same reason – to show off and meet someone new in a different way. I use dating apps, but personally I prefer not to chat too much before meeting someone new because I like to be surprised and leave the conversation alone, so a blind date was perfect for that.

All in all, he was a really nice guy and I think we had a fun time, but in the end we didn’t have much in common. It was great to have lunch, meet someone new, and try something different, but I think we both agreed it just didn’t click.

Rating: 7/10


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