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Body language expert Healy Marshall reveals that your phone handle speaks to your personality type


Your favorite color, job and hairstyle say a lot about your face type.

They may show subtle hints as to whether you are optimistic, hardworking or relaxed.

And now a body language expert has said that the way you hold your phone can learn even more about who you are as a person.

Camera iconAccording to the expert, people who hold the phone with one hand and use one thumb to navigate the screen. Credit: Southern_Agency/Getty Images

Healy Marshall studied the different handles of the phone and what they are, says an article in the Daily Mail.

She found that those in a hurry held the phone with one hand, and those who were “attention seekers” chose a horizontal position with the devices.

Ms. Marshall believed that holding the phone with both hands and texting with two thumbs means that you will be more persistent and do not waste time.

People who use this grip are more likely to work in a rapidly changing environment and can handle many thoughts at once.

They also have a lot of energy.

Then there’s the two-handed phone handle where people move around the screen with one thumb.


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