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“Brave”: Scott Morrison supports the ban on trans-women in women’s sports


Scott Morrison supported the attempt to ban trans women from participating in women’s sports, describing the proposed change as “brave”.

The prime minister on Monday noted the possibility of a legislative ban if he returns to power in the May 21 federal election.

He backed the campaigns of two Liberals who were in favor of the ban, including his Sydney-based Waring candidate Catherine Daves.

Ms. Daves co-founded the lobby group Save Women’s Sport, which calls on sports organizations to ban trans women – who identify themselves with a gender other than the one they thought they were born with – from women’s sports.

Mr Morrison said Ms Davies was an “outstanding person” who was “entitled to money”.

“She stands up for what she believes in. And I share her views on these topics, and I think it’s important that they be raised, “he told 2GB radio.

“And it has nothing to do with the broad gender debate. It’s just about common sense and what’s right. “

Camera iconCatherine Daves, a member of the biological sexual campaign, is Mr. Morrison’s chosen candidate for the Warringo post. Credit: Supplied

Later on Monday, Mr Morrison was asked if he would introduce a law in the next term of parliament to effectively ban trans-women from participating in women’s sports.

“I think I have expressed my personal view on these issues,” he told reporters on the south coast of NSW.

“We will say more about it another time. If I do, I will. We will deal with this another time. “

Earlier this year, Mr Morrison backed a demand by Tasmanian Liberal Senator Claire Chandler to allow sports groups to ban transgender people from engaging in same-sex sports.

Camera iconScott Morrison supports the exclusion of trans women from women’s sports. Jason Edwards Credit: News Corp Australia

In February, Senator Chandler introduced a private member bill to amend the Sex Discrimination Act, so it was legal to exclude people of one sex from sports “intended” for people of another sex.

“I support it as Claire knows. I think it’s a great bill, and I was very encouraged by it, “Mr Morrison said at the time.

On Monday, Mr Morrison said Senator Chandler was “open and courageous on these issues” and that he shared her views.

His official election campaign began on Monday, and the Coalition expected to win a fourth term.

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