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Breakfast and Brunch in Perth: Blasta Brewing Company


Digesting one poached egg can be considered bad luck. Overbaking three looks like carelessness.

The Importance of Being Earnest, a classic play from which I took – pun intended – the first line of this review was not about the disappointment of a poorly cooked egg. But if its author, Oscar Wilde, had eaten at Blasta Brewing Company, maybe it would.

A perfectly cooked poached egg is a thing of beauty: firm enough on the outside to barely yield to the prong of a fork, gooey enough on the inside to turn yellow. In comparison, the overcooked poached egg is too rubbery and lacks the flavor and aesthetic I want from my poached eggs.

Getting the perfect gooey yolk is hard enough, so I save a poached egg for eating out. Unfortunately, this means that my disappointment when an egg doesn’t live up to my expectations is real.

The day my husband and I go to Blasta Brewing for brunch, we have three poached eggs, and all three have hard, overcooked yolks. I alone could brush it off. Three indicates a lack of care in the kitchen.

Camera iconThe coffee at Blasta Brewing Company is great. credit: Kate Emery/Western Australian

​​​​​​​All of the above notwithstanding, there’s a lot to like about this place in Burswood, but a lot of it feels a little haphazard about the food.

The barn-like exterior belies a very pleasant beer garden, complete with a sandbox for the kids. Service is friendly and efficient. The serving is generous.

The coffee ($4.30 for a long mach) is excellent: strong, with good texture.

The food is more mixed.

Shakshuka with halloumi ($21) is good, except for the overfried poached egg. It’s not the most elaborate take on a breakfast classic I’ve ever had, but the flavor is good, it’s cooked well, and the halloumi on the side is generous and extremely tasty.

Shakshuka with halloumi.
Camera iconShakshuka with halloumi. credit: Kate Emery/Western Australian

The smashed avocado ($17), complete with two disappointing eggs, is okay. The ingredients are fresh and well-cooked, but the avocado has been very carefully mashed to a smooth consistency, so those who like avocados on the chunky side may be disappointed by the lack of texture.

Smashed avocado with (sadly overcooked) poached egg.
Camera iconSmashed avocado with (sadly overcooked) poached egg. credit: Kate Emery/Western Australian

The Blasta Poke Bowl ($24) is not without texture. This is the regular lunch menu that starts at 11am, not the weekend. There’s sliced ​​red cabbage (“Asian slaw”), long strips of carrot and cucumber, rice noodles with a couple of slices of avocado, and some fried tofu.

Some elements are good: the tofu is nicely crispy, the nam jim sauce in the center almost blew me away, in a good way, and the pickled ginger adds a nice heat. But other elements lack interest: carrots are just . . . lots of chopped carrots. The same with cucumber. And the whole dish seems cold in the refrigerator. It’s perfectly fine, but not really.

A poke bowl at Blasta Brewing Company.
Camera iconA poke bowl at Blasta Brewing Company. credit: Kate Emery/Western Australian

Since my visit to Blasta, the weekend brunch menu, which includes a bottomless option on Saturday, has been revamped to include, among other things, delicious French toast.

It says something about my experience at Blasta that I hope to return to try new dishes. A kid-friendly breakfast spot with great food and coffee is the holy grail for certain parents. If Blasta can raise its food game to match the rest of what’s going on, it might just make it.


A kid-friendly weekend brunch spot. Pity those eggs.

Blasta Brewing Company

84/88 Goodwood Parade, Burswood


Saturday and Sunday, 8-10:45 a.m., full brunch menu. Food from 11:00 on weekdays.






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