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Bringe Road concerns have resurfaced after three cars overturned in less than two months | District News


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One of Griffith’s most dangerous roads found itself in the spotlight again after three cars drove off the open road in just under two months, and lost even more noticeably. Bringagee Road has been a concern for years, as Gavin Dahl Broy noted. Mr Dahl Broy has been driving this road for decades and has watched it become increasingly ruined and dangerous. “I’ve been driving this road since 1980 somewhere, I was on a school bus then. It is getting worse, there are more and more accidents … We are extremely lucky that no one was killed, ”he said. said. RELATED “This year we’ve had three overturns, and there are tracks where people have lost control and you see where they’re back.” The road runs along the route of a school bus, and Mr Dahl Broy said that in some cases he had to accompany the bus himself when the road was wet. Mr Dahl Broy noted that recently Google maps and other navigation software had led drivers on the road in unsuitable vehicles and had not warned drivers of poor road conditions. “I tell them calmly, but some people fly at 80 kilometers per hour and get corrugated. We have so much traffic on this road that it is quite outdated for the amount of materials moving on it. ” Liz Dixon is also particularly concerned about the road when she herself got into an accident. “Obviously this has been a public problem for a long time … My kids are getting on the bus and other kids are getting on the bus on this road and there are other cars that have overturned. It’s just one of those problems that continues,” she said. she. The road has been on Griffith City Council’s list for much-needed upgrades for years, and in 2020 the council voted for a higher priority along with Barber Road. Recent estimates say it may be 2025 before Bringy Road is sealed. IN OTHER NEWS, Mr Dahl Broy said the state government must now set priorities. “He has nothing against the recent council and the road crew, but it needs to be roasted. It just has too many tons of product and too much traffic … Griffith City Council has no money for that,” he said. explained. “Doing work will never get cheaper over time … We just need it to be highlighted as a black spot and get the state government to push the problem.” “Does he expect someone to die before it becomes a priority?” Asked Griffith City Council for comment. Our journalists make every effort to provide local, up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can access our trusted content:


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