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British Prime Minister Liz Truss apologizes for her ‘mistakes’ after backlash


British Prime Minister Liz Truss has apologized for her “mistakes” and vowed to lead her Conservative Party into the next election, running for office after her tax cut plans gained ground.
Ms Truss said she had “adjusted what we are doing” after the government’s fiscal policy spooked markets by appointing a new finance minister with a new strategy to “restore economic stability”.
“I really think that’s the sign of an honest politician saying, yes, I made a mistake,” she said Monday.

The prime minister is fighting to save her premiership after her economic order was shattered by the dismantling of her former chancellor’s landmark mini-budget.

Speaking after Jeremy Hunt – the new Chancellor of the Exchequer – slashed the energy support package and scrapped “almost all” of the tax cuts announced by his predecessor, Ms Truss said she wanted to “take responsibility and apologize for the mistakes that have been made”. .
“I wanted to act … to help people with their electricity bills to deal with the problem of high taxes, but we have gone too far too fast. I admitted it,” she told the BBC.
She said she “stayed” because she was “elected to deliver for this country”, adding: “I will lead the Conservatives into the next general election”.
Pressure on the prime minister mounted on Monday night as five Tories openly called for her to step down after just six weeks in power.
MP Charles Walker was the latest to advocate for her exit.
He told Sky News: “I think her position is intolerable. She has brought her colleagues, the country through an enormous amount of unnecessary pain, grief and worry.”

The situation can be corrected only with a new prime minister, he believes.

It comes after the opposition asked Ms Truss to explain her latest humiliating descent on Monday. She refused to answer the call, which led to further speculation about her future.
Last week, Ms Truss sacked Finance Minister Kwasi Kwarteng after just 38 days in the job, as markets were rattled by the announcement of a tax cut agenda.

Ms Truss has been silent for three days as the crisis engulfs her leadership and has refused to respond to Labor requests to tell parliament of her decision to sack Mr Kwarteng, instead sending in minister Penny Mordaunt.

“Where’s the Prime Minister?”

Labor leader Keir Starmer said we have a complete leadership vacuum.
“Where is the Prime Minister? He hides, avoids questions, is afraid of his own shadow,” he said.
Kirsten Oswald, the deputy leader of the Westminster Party for Scotland, spoke out, saying “if she doesn’t even have the spine to appear here today, is there really any point in appearing here again?”
“Of course time is up, she needs to go and let the people decide,” she added.
Ms Mordaunt told the House of Commons she regretted the government’s plans had “increased concerns” about “great volatility” in the economy, but said there was a “serious reason” for Ms Truss’ absence, without elaborating.
The Prime Minister was “not under the table,” she assured, much to their amusement.

Ms Truss then arrived in Parliament, sat in silence as Mr Hunt explained how she would thrash out her show budget before quickly leaving.

Party plots

In particular, Mr Hunt announced that the freeze on household electricity bills, which had been planned to last for two years, was to be lifted.
Instead, the freeze will be reviewed in April.

Markets were spooked by plans to cut taxes despite huge unfunded bills for COVID-19 and energy subsidies.

Income tax cuts have also been delayed “indefinitely”.
Downing Street insisted Ms Truss was still in charge of the country and “worked closely with her chancellor over the weekend to agree this approach”.
Ms Truss’s only public comments since Friday were a series of tweets, one of which on Monday said “British people rightly want stability”.
She holed up in the prime minister’s country residence this weekend after a disastrous press conference on Friday, in which she turned tail after eight minutes.
With few defenders in her party and growing rumors of plots to oust her, Ms Truss already appears to have lost all authority despite only becoming leader last month.
The Conservative press is clamoring for a woman whose agenda has been destroyed, and four Tory MPs have already publicly called for her to go.
Dozens of others are said to be up for a vote of no confidence, with the party facing near-total destruction if the election is held given its current voter numbers, although a national vote is still two years away.
It is not clear whether her decision to hire Mr Hunt, a twice-failed leadership candidate but a calm and experienced politician, was coerced.
“I think Jeremy Hunt is the de facto prime minister at the moment,” Tory MP Roger Gale told Sky News.

“I just don’t think it’s reasonable that she can stay in her position any longer. And I’m very sad to say it,” MP Angela Richardson said on Radio Times.


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