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Brother Lynette Dawson takes the place


Brother Lynette Dawson will continue her testimony in court about the murder of Chris Dawson, who is accused of her murder four decades ago.

Greg Sims on Tuesday began testifying in the New Wales Supreme Court trial of Dawson, who allegedly killed his wife in January 1982.

Dawson, 73, a former Newtown Jets rugby player and teacher, has pleaded not guilty to killing a mother of two.

The Crown claims Dawson killed Lynette – who disappeared from their home in Bayview on Sydney’s northern beaches – and got rid of her body because of an affair with one of her students, known as J.S.

Dawson’s legal team claimed in court that he could have let his wife down as a husband, but did not kill her

So far, Mr. Sims has told the court that his sister loved Dawson “with all her heart,” but in late 1981 she was “very tense” about the state of their relationship.

He recalled how Dawson once said that year about his sister: “She can get to the bloody kitchen where she belongs.”

He denies fabricating evidence of a sales audit report he said he found in his sister’s robe to “hand over Mr. Dawson in poor lighting.”

Also Tuesday, Mrs. Dawson’s sister Patricia Jenkins testified that Lynette was in “big trouble” in 1981 and was concerned about Dawson’s anger at her.

She agreed that Ms. Dawson was smart, made independent decisions and opposed people, but said Dawson was “scared” of her.

She said she last spoke to her sister on New Year’s Eve 1982.


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