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Budget 2022: Peter Dutton reacts to lack of energy price cuts


Opposition leader Peter Dutton says it’s understandable that there is “a growing level of anger” over Labor’s failure to deliver on an election promise to lower energy prices.

Treasurer Jim Chalmers’ first Labor budget for nearly a decade offered a bleak outlook for rising living costs on Tuesday night.

Speaking on radio station 2GB on Thursday, Mr Dutton said the Labor Party had failed to deliver on an election promise to reduce energy prices by $275.

“(Anthony Albanese) made a promise on 97 occasions and looked the Australian public in the eye before the election and said your bills will go down by $275,” Mr Dutton said.

“They made a commitment, and I think when you break people’s trust and faith, I think people are disappointed at best.

“There is a level of anger and dismay at some of the decisions this government has made.”

Despite Labor having to deliver on the 2025 pledge in three years’ time, Mr Dutton described the plan as a “pipe dream”.

“This government would have you believe that if they just keep pumping renewables into the system, they’ll be fine in a few years,” Mr Dutton said.

He pointed to the government’s $20 billion plan to “rebuild the nation” by fast-tracking new interstate power lines as the East Coast’s power grid transitions away from coal.

Modeling by consulting firm RepuTex suggests the plan would increase renewable energy production from 35 percent to 82 percent by 2030.

“They’ve got 28,000km of poles and wires to put up across the country to try and spread that renewable energy,” Mr Dutton said.

“It’s never going to happen, it’s a complete and utter pipe dream.”

Mr Dutton also argued that the government had failed to deal with rising gas prices in its first budget, opposing the approval of new gas fields.

“They oppose new gas fields and new gas coming into the grid,” Mr Dutton said.

“This government had a chance in the budget to address this to put a plan in place.

“Everything they’ve done adds to the pain.”

Originally published as Peter Dutton blasts Labor government for breaching public trust over energy price ‘promise’


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