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The Winton SuperSprint, which starts on Friday, is the fifth round of the Supercar Championship and has a diverse and high-quality list of support categories.

This will be the first race race on the country’s Victorian track since 2019 for the Super Car Championship.

The event was supposed to take place last year, but 24 hours before it was due to start, Victoria switched to lock mode due to COVID-19.

Without a blockade in 2022, the event is in full swing.

In addition to the Super Car Championship, the Porsche Carrera Cup will be held in Winton in the second round.

The Aussie Racing Cars pocket rocket will also be in operation just a week after the Bathurst races as part of a 12-hour support card.

Also on the list are the National Formula Ford series, National Sports sedans and V8 Superutes.

For all support cards the racing weekend starts on Friday, and for the supercars championship it only starts on Saturday.

The weekend Aussie Racing Cars will hold its traditional four races: one on Friday, two on Saturday and the final race on Sunday. Formula Ford racing will also spread throughout the day.

Supeutes boasts four races: two on Saturday and two on the last day of competition.

Sports sedans will hold two races on Saturday and one on Sunday, and the Carrera Cup – one on Saturday and two on Sunday.

The second race over the weekend for the Carrera Cup (Sunday morning race) will be longer.

As for the Supercars, the Winton SuperSprint will include races 13, 14 and 15 of the Supercars Championship, one race on Saturday and two following on Sunday.

The first Supercars training session will take place on Saturday morning at 8.50 local time.

The pilots will undergo two training sessions before the three-part qualifying session to set up a net for race 13.

While the two 10-minute qualifying sessions set the net for races 14 and 15.

All three Supercars races are scheduled for 36 laps.

Many Supercars riders are debuting in the Supercars Championship at Winton Motor Raceway this year, including the duo of Erebus Will Brown and Brody Costeca, a couple of Tickford Thomas Randle, Jake Costeca, racer Brad Jones Bryce Fulwood and Triple Engineering from Brock Eney.

Jack Smith has raced at Winton in the Supercars Championship before, albeit as a Wildcard in 2019.

Speaking of Wildcards, two riders will make their debut in the main game in the singles this weekend: Jaden Oheda of Walkinshaw Andretti United and Jordan Boys of Super2 Image Racing.

Winton schedule

All AEST hours

Friday, May 20th

Time Category Session
0900-0920 National sports sedans Practice 1
0930-0950 Ford’s formula Practice 1
1000-1020 Australian race cars Practice
1030-1050 V8 SuperUtes Practice 1
1100-1120 National sports sedans Practice 2
1130-1150 Ford’s formula Practice 2
1200-1225 Porsche Carrera Cup Practice
1235-1255 Australian race cars Qualifying
1305-1325 National sports sedans Qualifying
1335-1355 Ford’s formula Qualifying
1405-1420 V8 SuperUtes Qualifying
1430-1455 Porsche Carrera Cup Practice 2
1505-1520 Australian race cars Race 1
1530-1545 Ford’s formula Race 1

Saturday, May 21st

Time Category Session
0745-0805 National sports sedans Race 1
0815-0835 V8 SuperUtes Race 1
0850-0920 Supercars Practice 1
0940-0955 Australian race cars Race 2
1005-1015 Porsche Carrera Cup Qualification 1
1020-1030 Porsche Carrera Cup Qualification 2
1045-1115 Supercars Practice 2
1130-1145 Ford’s formula Race 2
1155-1215 National sports sedans Race 2
1225-1250 V8 SuperUtes Race 2
1305-1345 Supercars Qualification of three parts 13
1400-1415 Australian race cars Race 3
1425-1450 Porsche Carrera Cup Race 1
1535 Supercars Race 13

Sunday, May 22nd

Time Category Session
0835-0855 V8 SuperUtes Race 3
0905-0925 National sports sedans Race 3
0940-0950 Supercars Qualification 14
1000-1010 Supercars Qualification 15
1025-1105 Porsche Carrera Cup Race 2
1115-1130 V8 SuperUtes Race 3
1140-1155 Australian race cars Race 4
1225 Supercars Race 14
1350-1410 V8 SuperUtes Race 4
1420-1445 Porsche Carrera Cup Race 3
1535 Supercars Race 15

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