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Bundall Debs said in court that he sought a “deal” with police over the evidence of Jason Roberts


Debs agreed that he wanted to help detectives in the hope that he could be transferred to a Victorian prison to serve the remaining time closer to family, that he wanted to be able to get a possible release date and that he wanted immunity from prosecution for other crimes. .

“I asked for some benefits but didn’t get them,” he said.

Debs Bundles in 2002.Credit:Simon Schlutter

Asked by Hallows if he told police he wanted to make a deal in exchange for evidence that Roberts was with him when Silk and Miller were shot, Debs replied: “Oh, yes. I said I would tell them the truth. “

Debs also admitted that when he was questioned at a court hearing last year, his denial of his motivations for contact with homicide detectives was a lie.

Debs said he did not remember killing Hicks, but agreed he was the killer.

“Just a cold-blooded execution?” Hallows asked.

“Yes,” Debs replied.

Asked about the murder, Harty Debs said he did not remember shooting her in the back of the head.

“Another cold bloody execution?” Hallows asked.


“Good,” Debs replied.

The lawyer later asked, “You’re a tough guy, aren’t you, Mr. Debs?”

Debs said, “You could call me that.”

The court found that when Debs committed armed robbery with his nephew in the 1990s, Debs once shot at police officers sitting in a car and another time shot a man at a news agency, causing paralysis in the victim. Debs said he was not charged with any of the crimes.

He confessed that he lied to his nephew about getting rid of the gun, and also admitted that he lied to Roberts. Debs said the praise he made to Roberts, which was recorded by a police eavesdropping device, was untrue.

“We were just joking, drinking and talking shit,” Debs said Thursday.

Roberts admitted that between March and July 1998, 10 detained Debs and pleaded guilty to 10 counts of armed robbery. But he denies being in Moorabbin when Silk and Miller were shot. Roberts was 17 at the time of the shooting.


Debs said at the trial that he and Roberts were armed while driving to a Chinese restaurant Silky Emperor, which they considered a potential target for detention. Silk and Miller followed their car from the Silky Emperor and intercepted it on nearby Cochrane Road.

Debs said at the trial on Tuesday that he shot Miller and that he heard the shots that killed Silk, but did not see Roberts shoot them.

The trial continues.

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