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Burger King satisfies cravings for pregnancy


Known at one time for its amazing cravings, pregnancy can mean some pretty unique recipes. In Germany Burger King now satisfies amazing flavor combinations for those who are waiting.

It’s called The Pregnancy Whopper, and it’s Whopper as you know it, but not quite. After researching the most popular desires of pregnant women, Burger King combined them into one “delicious” treat.

The burger has been processed with combinations including cucumbers and jams, fish sticks and apple puree, sausage crust and fried herring.

According to data collected by Burger King, 58 percent of women said that cravings are a well-known phenomenon. 76 percent said it was impossible to resist traction. So Burger King made something, maybe not for the perceptible taste, but very niche.

The company is supported by beautiful images in the style of food porn with unique tastes. It will take place on social media and outside the home. Unfortunately (or fortunately), it will not be available in Australia.


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