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By 2025, AI staff will work harder than humans: report


According to artificial intelligence expert Catriona Wallace, artificial intelligence is on the verge of transforming beyond the tools of fellow robot teammates.

ServiceNow is working with Wallace to publish a report that explores technological trends and cultural shifts that are expected to affect Australia’s jobs over the next 10 years.

According to the report, widespread digital assistants will be used in workplaces in Australia by 2025, and digital employees will be considered smart, valuable employees, and machines will spend more time doing work than people.

Adopting AI in the workplace will also lead to an increasing trend of hyperpersonalization for both employees and customers, if employees prefer self-service and more often take “me time” while AI performs its tasks.

Wallace also predicts that AI ethics will soon shift from academic debate to business strategy, where employees and customers will choose brands that can demonstrate ethics, affordability and fairness in the use of technology.

Finally, employers are expected to adhere to the philosophy of “separated, we work,” Wallace said, and policies ensure that employees agree on a variety of societal issues such as vaccination, climate change, pandemics and technology.

Each of these trends will be reinforced and incorporated by the rapid development of AI, Wallace said. “Over the next decade AI will become even more prevalent in life and work; in fact, we will interact with him hundreds of times a day, including when we sleep, ”she said.

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