Home Business Campbell Newman is reviewing the 2014 flood protection plan

Campbell Newman is reviewing the 2014 flood protection plan


“I’m just angry that nothing has been done in terms of long-term flood mitigation and I’m just angry that [flooding] The debate seems to be avoiding that, ”Newman said.

He said the dam study was “pushed aside, but should be reconsidered as a priority this week floods and in February.

According to a study of new dams in Queensland in 2014

Lime dam

  • It can store 570,000 ml and provide flood storage of 602,000 ml
  • This will reduce the water supply storage in the Iwenho Dam by 40 percent
  • The capital value is estimated at about $ 580 million (no adjustment since 2014).

Willowbank Dam on the Bremer River

  • It can store 125,000 ml with a maximum capacity of 207,000 ml.
  • Capital expenditures are estimated at approximately $ 440 million (excluding adjustments) or more than $ 520 million in the case of joint placement with the Southern Freight Railway Project, which is now included in the Inland Railway Project.

Rise of the Vivengo Dam wall

  • Capital expenditures are estimated at $ 535 million to $ 1.373 million (no adjustment) to raise them from 1.5 to eight meters

Newman said future floods should be addressed ahead of the 2032 Olympics.

“Where are our priorities? We are busy preparing for the Olympic Games, and we are going to spend a lot of money on infrastructure that will serve the city well, ”he said.

“But much of that becomes insignificant because of the very real need to protect Brisbane and Ipswich from flooding.”

The Queensland government said Thursday that in 2016 it was decided instead to focus on the priority modernization of the Somerset, North Pine and Vivenho dams by 2035.

“Investigation of new flood mitigation dams elsewhere will be considered if the dam improvement projects in Somerset and Vivenho prove inexpedient or uneconomical for the purpose of further flood mitigation,” a government spokeswoman said.

Newman said it was in Queensland A program to protect homes from future floods – backed by both the Queensland Labor government and the federal coalition – was a short-sighted disgrace.

“I am disappointed not only in Palashchuk’s government, but also in the coalition that they did not have the mind to look at it. [2014] preliminary feasibility study and require action on this front. “

Newman said several members of his previous cabinet remain in state opposition: leaders David Chrysofouli, Tim Nichols, Tim Mander and John-Paul Langbrook.


“They know this study is there, but they have been a lazy, incompetent opposition.”

Chrysopholy declined to respond to Newman’s criticism.

After the floods in Brisbane and Ipswich in February, Chrysofouli said Queensland needed a fund to “better build infrastructure”.

Newman said that in the event of his election as Senator of Queensland, he would campaign for the Queensland and Australian governments to reconsider the new dams in the Brisbane Valley.


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