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Central Coast Aged is a service provider partner with ET Australia


As care providers continue to face workforce challenges and funding constraints, the nonprofit Alino Living is using a new approach to recruitment in partnership with Employment and Training Australia (ET Australia).

Melinda De Luca, executive health care manager at Alino Living, said the program, developed with ET Australia, aims to address the growing challenge of hiring older carers and training young people to think about careers in the industry.

“Given the impact of the pandemic on the nationwide workforce, the nursing industry continues to be hit and suffer from a shortage of staff when suppliers compete for staff with a small number of candidates,” De Luca said.

“In partnership with the local training organization ET Australia, we have jointly developed a nursing employment program suitable for our organization that identifies the needs of our services and its members.

“This program supports our recruitment process and will continue to provide our staffing pool year-round, offering a combination of theoretical training, internships and internships for entry-level vacancies,” she said.

ET Australia is a registered training organization in the Central Coast that focuses on providing students with further study or internships so that they are the best candidates for the job. This program, created in conjunction with Alino Living, includes three components, including previous internships, internships and an employment program in readiness to help the elderly.

“These types of programs have been around through educational organizations for some time, but what makes this program unique is that it’s tailored to the students and needs of Alino Living, and the program is fully customized,” said Kat Rodin, ET Training. Australia’s Training College Manager.

“The program provides six weeks of service and care for the elderly, which means supporting students when they are integrated into their roles.

They spend one full day of training a week at ET Australia, one day with Alino Living Clinical Nurse instructor to provide organizational orientation and practical skill sets, and one day a week with a buddy on the floor of a nursing home.

“In addition to the six-week orientation program, students complete another three weeks of intensive acquaintance with a work partner. This ensures that students are confident and able to provide the level of care, customer focus and clinical excellence that Alino Living and its residents expect as part of their services, ”Rodin said.

The collaboration between ET Australia and Alino living ensures that new entrants to the industry receive good support between the two organizations, and this new partnership is already proving valuable.

“To date, using this model, we are seeing a very high level of student retention. Alino Living is committed to raising higher salaries for interns because we understand that our community is now growing the cost of living.

“We now have seven internships and 13 students in the employment program. We hope to have three receptions a year, ”De Luca said.

Alino Living is a collaboration of three senior care organizations – the Central Coast Public Aid Association, Adelene and Vietnamese Veterans Keith Payne VC Hostel – that have teamed up in 2021 to build a better future for older people.

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