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Changes in the management of E-Tech Resources Inc


Mancota / McCord initial focus

Based on advanced geological and seismic analysis, HEVI sees many potential helium anomalies in the Mancot / McCord area. A major private helium producer recently discovered helium in the Mancot area adjacent to HEVI land by drilling five wells in a new basin and licensing one additional well. Based on our technical analysis and seismic mapping, this discovery seems to extend to the neighboring HEVI lands of Mancot.

Helium deficiency has recently led to its being classified as a critical mineral for many leading countries. 1 leading to an escalation of prices. Although helium does not have a transparent trading market that can provide pricing visibility, recent industry counterpart transactions point to wholesale helium prices in the range of $ 600 per IUF and retail prices in the range of $ 2,000 per IUF. 2 levels that support sound economic and financial modeling of HEVI.

In the Mankota Basin, the helium concentration is 1.08% 3 , and a nitrogen-rich supply. Nitrogen production is significant because nitrogen is an environmentally friendly carrier gas that makes helium extraction a more environmentally friendly source of energy than conventional natural gas. HEVI has also defined a strategy for modular processing, production and shipment as soon as production begins.

The first three HEVI drilling sites at Mancot / McCord have been surveyed, and we are now in the process of acquiring surface leases and drilling licenses. Thanks to the installation supplied by Savannah Drilling, the company’s drilling program will begin with the drilling of our first exploration well in early June, when surface conditions are suitable. We contracted to drill up to four wells and provided the necessary casing, which helps reduce the risk due to supply chain problems. Three additional drilling targets are in the surveying stage, which HEVI may choose to drill immediately after the first three, depending on success.

As part of our long-term program, the HEVI Technical Group is evaluating several other large promising areas on our extensive land base, with the Company planning to conduct new 2D seismic surveys and acquire additional seismic trading data during the year. To further advance our prospects and prepare for additional drilling in late 2022 and in 2023, HEVI plans to establish a continuous cycle of seismic surveys, drilling and production. This practice of obtaining seismic information in the coldest months of the year and drilling in the milder season is more economical and is designed to deploy HEVI with stable production while protecting the safety and integrity of our operational crews and equipment.

“We are very proud of the progress that HEVI has made in the short time since our inception, in particular by providing such a significant land base, assembling a first-class technical team and formulating a robust strategy designed to enable HEVI to live up to or exceed expectations. “Said Greg Robb, president and CEO. “With the public vision, the Saskatchewan government will provide 10% of the global helium market by 2030. Helium Action Plan The evolution of helium works in a favorable, easy-to-regulate jurisdiction that helps us adjust to long-term growth. ”

Strong corporate governance and market interaction

HEVI’s management and board of directors are made up of a group of experienced people, each of whom brings a unique and valuable experience to the organization. Our well-discerned management team demonstrates excellence in engineering, geology, land acquisition and value creation for shareholders with a commitment to conservative execution and contingency planning. President and CEO Greg Robb, joined by John Kanderka, vice president of land and corporate development; Pat Mills, COO; and Ryan Tomlinson, CFO. The company’s board of directors includes James Baker, chairman; Brad Wall, independent director; Mike Graham, independent director; Philip Hughes, independent director; Jeff Barber, director and newly appointed Heather Isidore, independent director.

Shareholders and other parties interested in learning more about The evolution of helium Recommended reading wide “deep dive” research report to order The evolution of helium and prepared by a third party whose experience includes the work of a research analyst for several banking and independent investment dealers. In addition, HEVI is profiled on Investment news network a platform where additional information, editorials and industry reviews are available and it has been published in the latest news articles in the media . More information is available on the company’s website website including current corporate presentation and we encourage you to follow the company LinkedIn and Twitter for current corporate updates and helium industry information.

About The evolution of helium Included

The evolution of helium is a Canadian helium exploration and production company that holds the largest position in land rights in North America among public companies, focusing on asset development in southern Saskatchewan. The company has more than five million acres of land permitted near proven discoveries of economic helium concentration, which will support a scaled-up exploration and development effort throughout its land base. HEVI’s management and board are pursuing a differentiated strategy to become a leading supplier of helium produced sustainably, for the growing global helium market, offering attractive opportunities for investors.

For more information, please contact:

Greg Robb, President and CEO
Ryan Tomlinson, Chief Financial Officer
Phone: 1-587-330-2459
Email: info@heliumevolution.ca
Web: https://www.heliumevolution.ca/
Cindy Gray, Investor Relations info@5qir.com | 403-705-5076

A statement regarding forward-looking information

This news release contains statements that are “forward-looking statements”. Such forward-looking statements include known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that could cause actual results, performance or achievements or developments in the industry to differ materially from the expected results, performance or achievements expressed or implied in such forward-looking statements. . Future-oriented statements are statements that are not historical facts and are usually, but not always, defined by the words “expects”, “plans”, “predicts”, “considers”, “intends”, “estimates”. “Projects”, “potential” and similar expressions, or that events or conditions “will”, “will”, “may”, “could” or “should” occur.

Promising statements in this paper include statements regarding the company’s expectations regarding the start of drilling by the company, timing of production and cash flows, helium market prices, shareholder price increases and other non-historical statements. By their nature, forward-looking statements include known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause our actual results, performance or achievements or other future events to differ materially from any future results, performance or achievements identified or implied by such forward-looking statements. Such factors and risks include, but are not limited to: The Company may postpone, expedite, or abandon its drilling plans; new laws or regulations and / or unforeseen events may adversely affect the Company’s business and performance; stock markets have experienced volatility that has often been unrelated to company performance, and such volatility can adversely affect a company’s securities price regardless of the risks of its operating activities typically associated with exploration and resource extraction, including the company’s ability to build the necessary facilities to move its products to markets; uncertainty of estimates and projections regarding costs; restrictions on the availability of services; fluctuations in commodity prices and exchange rates; the current COVID-19 pandemic; adverse weather conditions or destruction; and uncertainties resulting from possible delays or changes in plans for exploration or development projects or capital expenditures.

Based on forward-looking statements and information for decision making, investors and others should carefully consider the above factors and risks, as well as other uncertainties and potential events. The Company has suggested that the material factors mentioned in the preceding paragraphs will not result in such forward-looking statements and information differing materially from actual results or events. However, the list of these factors is not exhaustive and can be changed, and there can be no assurance that such assumptions will reflect the actual results of such items or factors. The reader is warned not to rely on any promising information. Such information, although considered reasonable by management at the time of preparation, may be incorrect and actual results may differ materially from those expected. The forward-looking statements contained in this press release are clearly qualified in this warning statement. Statements of the future contained in this press release are made as of the date of this press release. The Company has no intention and express disclaimer of any intent or obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements as a result of new information, future events or otherwise, except as required by law.

This press release is not intended for distribution to U.S. information services or for distribution in the United States. This press release is not an offer to sell or a request to purchase any securities in the United States. The securities have not been and will not be listed under the United States Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the “United States Securities Act”), or any government securities law and may not be offered or sold in the United States or U.S. individuals. except in cases registered under U.S. Securities Act and applicable state securities laws or possible exemption from such registration.

Neither TSX Venture Exchange nor its regulatory service provider (as this term is defined in TSX Venture Exchange policies) assumes responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this issue.

Critical minerals; Government of Canada; March 2021.
2 https://www.bloomberg.com/press-releases/2022-04-13/avanti-energy-confirms-major-helium-discovery.
3 Helium in the Southwest Saskatchewan Accumulation and Geological Situation, Melinda M. Yukowski; 2016

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