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Charlie Theo’s fiancee Tracy Griffiths criticizes Current Affairs.


Dr Charlie Teo’s rumored fiancee – and former patient – has hit out at negative media reports criticizing her older lover.

The offending messages were initiated by a combined 60 minutes and Nine Newspaper investigations in which disgruntled former patients and their families claimed Dr Teo had given them false hope. Another patient also accused the surgeon of operating on the wrong side of her brain in claims that Dr Teo denied and corrected.

This is the first time Tracy GriffithsThe 47-year-old spoke publicly about the current dispute involving the father of four children.

Sharing a quote from legendary TV host Fred Rogers (better known as Mr. Rogers), the former model, animal advocate and pet clothing designer wrote: “Honesty is often very difficult. The truth is often painful. But the freedom it can bring is worth trying.”

“I am so proud of this extraordinary person! He doesn’t need to waste his time and energy trying to refute this whole media business all the time! #ShameAustralia!”

Ms Griffiths also shared a link to an article in A Current Affair in which Dr Teo told presenter Tracy Grimshaw that a recent project could allow him to work in Australia. He said it would allow him to avoid the hospital system and the “politics of medicine.”

“Now I have a project … in Blacktown where they may be building an institute named after me, which will be a center of excellence for neurosurgery and neuroscience,” he said.

“If there’s a place in Australia that says, ‘We want you with open arms, we love what you’re doing, we’ll support you’, I’ll take it in a heartbeat.”

on friday Ms Griffiths was photographed leaving the Sydney gala event hand in hand with Dr. Theo. Dressed in a navy blue dress, Ms Griffiths flashed a diamond ring, leaving the space after rumors in August that the couple were engaged.

Although Dr Theo denied the speculation, Ms Griffiths shared photos of the pair with hashtags such as ‘#ilovemyfiance’ and ‘#myfiance’.

A surgeon defends surgical practice

In light of the negative media attention surrounding his work, Dr. Teo defends accusations of exaggerating positive results or being a “money-hungry” surgeon. Several of his patients also enthusiastically supported the neurosurgeon describing them “absolute disgust” with the reports.

Talking to Tracey Grimshaw on Nine’s Current affairsDr Teo said he never guaranteed results for patients.

“If I guarantee that there is no chance of blindness, I am wrong, it is misinformation,” he said.

“I don’t, you can’t do that and not get sued, somebody is going to sue you one day and after 11,000 cases, you don’t think if I went to a handful of patients I would be sued by those patients?

“In that case, I thought the chance of blindness was almost nil, but I never make guarantees.”

They claim I said I guarantee you won’t go blind, that’s a complete lie, I didn’t say that, I would never say that, you’d be stupid to say that.’

In another interview with 2GB Breakfast host Ben Fordham, the neurosurgeon appeared annoyed when asked: “Do you need the money?”

“I’m not saying that I’m a saint, I’m just saying that money is not in my sphere. It is not part of my ambition,” he said.

“Money is the root of all evil, I just don’t like it, and the fact that people are trying to label me as a money-hungry surgeon who neglects life for money is really vile.”

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