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Chinese PM congratulates Anthony Albanese on victory, hopes for “reliable and stable” relations


Wang is expected to arrive in the Solomon Islands on Wednesday night and meet with Sogavar and some of his ministers and officials on Thursday. China’s foreign minister will also visit other Pacific countries, including Fiji and Papua New Guinea, over the next two weeks.

Albanese and his foreign minister, Penny Wong, also plan to visit the Pacific islands in the coming months after the security pact between Beijing and Haniar failed to suit the region during the federal election campaign in Australia.

Australia fears this could lead to Beijing’s permanent military presence 1,600 kilometers from Cairns.

Deputy Prime Minister Richard Marles on Tuesday said China “will continue to be a difficult relationship for us”.

“From an Australian point of view, we understand the complexity of the relationship. It is our largest trading partner, ”he said. “But China seeks to shape the world around it in ways we have never seen before. In places like the South China Sea … in intensifying strategic competition in our region, in the Pacific, and we saw the agreement they signed with Solomon Islands.

“All of this, I think, will make it a pretty tough way forward.”


In a video sent to Pacific countries on Monday afternoon, Wong said she was looking forward to a quick visit to the Pacific, and her appointment as foreign minister comes at a time “when our region is facing unprecedented challenges.”

Albanese is currently in Tokyo for a Quad band meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, Indian counterpart Narendra Modi and US President Joe Biden.

The Quasi-Alliance has been launched in recent years due to Beijing’s growing persistence throughout the region, including the militarization of the South China Sea.


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