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Coalition attends fossil fuel campaign, attacks on Labor climate policy | District News


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The coalition visited a plant belonging to one of the largest fossil fuel emissions, while trying to undermine Labor’s climate policy. Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Tuesday visited a site for mining robots run by Woodside Petroleum, on the same day that it contradicted Labor’s climate and energy policies, arguing that consumers would be worse off with opposition-proposed net zero simulations. Labor is ready to strike back in response to a coalition that has resumed a war of words over possible changes in labor relations. Mr Morrison’s holding of the Woodside Karda Robotics facility in Perth was to demonstrate a $ 50 million commitment to research and development over the next four years to further improve technology in the minerals sector. “To have a strong economy, you need to have a strong resource sector,” he told reporters. Woodside is one of the country’s largest producers of LNG and oil and, according to the Commonwealth’s National Greenhouse and Energy Reports Commission, is the ninth largest domestic greenhouse gas emitter. READ MORE: The company, which was included in the ASX list, also signed a mandatory merger agreement with the BHP oil and gas business last year, which the BHP considered a trick to reduce the impact of fossil fuels. On the contrary, Anthony Albanese on Tuesday visited the battery manufacturing center as part of his 2050 promise of zero energy and clean energy. Green leader Adam Bandt has also called for an increase in the tax rate on oil leases, which he claims will dramatically improve the fiscal budget. A parliamentary budget service conducted by the Greens shows that a 10 percent offshore gas royalty in addition to erasing accumulated PRRT loans will boost the fiscal balance by $ 92.25 billion over the decade. “In just one year, 27 major gas corporations brought in $ 78 billion in revenue but did not pay taxes,” Mr Bandt said. “No other business gets raw for free, but Woodside, Chevron and Exxon get free gas from that tax cash account and then get the obscene profits they send offshore.” Labor’s attempt to put pressure on labor relations came after the coalition refused to rule out that the “best overall” test could return to a vote in the next parliament. Labor spokesman Tony Burke says the changes will cut workers’ pay by thousands. “If he manages everything, from the allowance for a change to the penalty rates, it’s a piece,” Mr Burke said. “By abandoning the ‘best overall’ test, Mr Morrison’s laws will allow agreements to be made that reduce workers’ wages and working conditions.”



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