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Coles and Liquorland launch eco-friendly Christmas range


Coles, along with ambassador and Michelin-starred chef Curtis Stone, preview their diverse and sustainable festive range of Christmas products to suit a wide range of budgets.

The team of chefs, product developers and spirits experts at Coles worked throughout the year to inspire customers with 151 and 106 new own-brand/exclusive supermarket and spirits products, up 27 and 6 per cent on last year. range respectively.

The new Coles and Liquorland range includes gourmet snacks, centrepieces, desserts, holiday favorites and treats, jewellery, floral arrangements, drinks and gifts.

Main dishes include Coles Christmas Ham with Juniper Berries seasoned with 100 per cent Australian pork, Coles Finest Luxury Black Forest Bombe Pudding, Coles Entertaining Prawns in Blankets and for the first time Nature’s Kitchen Plant-based Christmas. Vegan Maple Glaze Ham Style Roast is among more than 25 festive vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options to cater to the growing number of Australians with different dietary needs.

In terms of bakery treats, there are 30 new products in the Coles own brand range this year.

Cheesecake has become one of the most searched foods for Christmas on Taste.com.au. Coles has created the first ever novelty Santa cheesecake with a biscuit base, vanilla cheesecake and raspberry filling, decorated with Santa’s chocolate belt and made in Australia.

In addition to last year’s best-selling gingerbread house, there’s a new gingerbread decorating kit and a hand-decorated chocolate chip Christmas tree cake made by a local family bakery in New South Wales.

Local baked goods have increased this year, including the Coles Finest Jeweled Fruit Cake, made by a local family business in South Australia’s Adelaide Hills, and the new Coles Finest Luxury Black Forest Crumble Mini Tarts, all handmade and decorated in Victoria.

With the cost of living for an increasing number of shoppers this Christmas, Coles has secured a great deal on Australian Christmas favorites such as Coles Beechwood Half Leg and Full Leg Ham, which will be the same price as last year.

Coles has also recently reduced and locked in the price of more than 150 products that Aussies love, at the top closure in the price of more than 1,100 household products until the end of January 2023.

Coles and Liquorland customers will also be able to get their hands on FREE Schott Zwiesel “PURE” Tritan® Crystal Glassware by earning ‘glassware credits’ when they spend $20 in a single transaction and scan their Flybuys card when shopping at Coles, Coles Online , Liquorland and Liquorland Online.

Coles CEO Stephen Kane said this year the focus was on producing a delicious Christmas range to suit all budgets and celebrations.

“After a difficult year for many Australians, the new range will help Aussies celebrate in style with their family and friends. You really can do it all at Coles this Christmas with exceptional value, breadth and quality at the heart of this range. Our team is focused on using the very best ingredients and making it simple and hassle-free for our customers with minimal training required.

“We know that reducing unnecessary waste is a key concern for our customers, so we’ve focused on making the majority of our packaging recyclable and labeled with Australasian Recycling to help customers recycle it correctly,” Kane said.

“We are proud that by the end of June 2022, 94.6 per cent of our Coles own brand packaging is now recyclable, compared to just 87 per cent at the same time last year.”

Coles ambassador and Michelin-awarded chef Curtis Stone said this year’s range is all about offering the best value for fresh, local produce.

“We know that this Christmas, more than ever, customers will want the highest quality products for their family and friends, and to stretch their household budgets,” Curtis said.

“Our festive smoked juniper kumpyak embodies the flavor of Christmas; it’s made with 100 per cent Australian pork and is delicious served warm or thinly sliced ​​cold. All our fresh meat is 100 per cent Australian and we pride ourselves on the fact that our fresh turkey range has never been frozen. Our shrimp are sourced responsibly and we can assure customers that they will be in abundance and at the best price when customers want to enjoy them the most.”


With ambitions to become Australia’s most sustainable supermarket, Coles has been working to reduce waste this Christmas by making its packaging more sustainable and adding the Australasian Recycling Label (ARL) to more of its own brand packaging than ever before, so customers know they can be processed.

For the first time, Coles has also introduced brand new Christmas gift wrap, which is made in Australia from 100 per cent FSC recycled material.

The Eco bottle release, exclusive to Liquorland, is made in Australia from 100 per cent recycled Australian PET plastic (excluding the cap). Available in Banrock Station and Taylors wine brands, it weighs 83 percent less than a traditional glass bottle of wine, and a case of 12 bottles takes up half the space of glass bottles, meaning less emissions when transported from the winery to the Liquorland shelf.

These sustainability initiatives follow last year’s move by Coles, which became the first supermarket to ditch plastic from its popular bon bons, removing 3.6 tonnes of plastic from its Coles Christmas range.

Highlights of the unique and exclusive jewelery range include Coles pine tree ornaments featuring much-loved Australian animal characters, which have been designed, manufactured and packaged in Australia.

To find out more about the Coles and Liquorland 2022 Christmas range, visit here.


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