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Collingwood magpies reign in the rain, and Fremantle Dockers go into the water again


Fremantle finished with more removals (391-345), but Collingwood, who had been cleaner for longer, convincingly won the battle of the domestic 50 (60-44) as the Dockers failed to withstand their steady harassment.

The first quarter was a tough and difficult affair that ended in a draw, but Collingwood was better and they came out ahead by 23 points in the third quarter after scoring five goals in a row, including pairs of Brody Michacek and Will Hoskin-Elliott.


The Pies increased the stakes after the first break when they peaked at breaks and in the controversial ball. Of the 11 of the first 14 in the 1950s, they seized control of the match.

In the first half, which was almost the same as last week, Fremantle was limited to 2.4 (16) at the break after being stuck without goals in the second term.

Collingwood’s manic attack on Feet continued in the second half, and it led to them registering 12 of the first 13 third members in the 50s.

The visitors headed into the final quarter with a 22-point lead, and after Michael Walters scored Freo’s goal in the first minute, Henry responded with his pair to destroy any hope the hosts hoped to pinch victory.

Lagging behind Fremantle by 30 points, Noble played in the defensive game of the day, fighting Sam Svitkovsky, who sailed to the Dockers goal, and a few moments later suffocated Lecce Schultz’s shot on goal. Shortly afterwards, Noble spoiled Rory Lobe close to the goal, depriving the great Docker of the opportunity to celebrate.

Howe picked up one of his branded hangers in the middle of the third quarter when he threw himself on Matt Taberner’s shoulder on the wing and pulled in an absolute ripper. But during his career he scored so many of these marks that he may not even be in the top 10 of his videos.

Early in the second quarter, Collingwood was more like Manchester City when Jamie Elliott “sent” the ball from the front pole into the goal, where Michacek managed to hit the ball with a weak toenail, sending it across the goal line. Pies ahead by five points. Who said hands are important in Aussie rules?


Many fans rightly complain about the death of a kick in the foot, but Fremantle midfielder Andrew Brayshaw gave the masses a retro-retro, which showed that in 2022 there is still room for this. in the first quarter, which collected Magpie’s return to the ribs, rolled him up for a few moments and drove him off the field. Soon Murphy returned to the thick of things.

COLLINGWOOD 2.2 5.3 7.4 12.8 (80)
FREMANTLE 2.2 2.4 3.6 6.8 (44)

Collingwood: Henry 4, Michacek 2, Hoskin-Elliott 2, Ginivan 2, Crisp, Cameron.
Fremantle: Brescia, Svitkovsky, Lob, Brody, Mandy, Walters.
Collingwood: Henry, Crisp, Howe, Noble, Lipinski, Moore, Hoskin-Elliott.
Fremantle: Brody, Mandy, Darcy, Walters, Brayshaw, Serong.
HERBS Collingwood: Coke (finger).
JUDGES Johansson, Howort, Findley.
THE CROWD 35 534 at Optus Stadium.


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