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Comanchero boss Tarek Zahed left blinded, fears of amputation after shooting


It is reported that the boss of the fable, who was seriously injured in a shooting that killed his brother, faces fear of amputation and may remain blind.

The boss of Comanchero Bikie, who survived the shooting in the style of the death penalty that took his brother’s life, is reportedly facing fears of amputation and concerns that he may remain blind.

41-year-old Tarek Zahed and his brother Omar Zahed, 39, were hit by bullets after leaving the Bodyfit gym in Auburn on Tuesday night, May 10th. Omar died at the scene after cardiac arrest, and Tarek miraculously survived, despite receiving 10 gunshot wounds to the body and head.

Sources say Tarek remains intubated and is in critical but stable condition at Westmead Hospital, Daily Telegraph reports.

There is also a possibility that gunshot wounds severely reduced vision. The publication reports a previous incident when Tarek had only 20-30 percent vision in his left eye, while a recent attack may have resulted in vision loss in his right.

Combined with extensive injuries to his arms, legs and pelvis, the source said it was “a real situation to wait and see”.

“So if he’s now probably blind in his right eye, he’ll be almost completely blind,” they said.

“They don’t know what will happen to his arm and legs, they were shattered by bullets.”

Prior to the shooting, police told the brothers that Tarek had received $ 1 million for his life and that their lives were in danger.

After the attack, Police Commissioner Karen Webb said the brothers were encouraged to leave the state a few days before the shooting.

“I can’t help people who can’t help themselves,” she said.

Given the recent wave of gangster attacks across Sydney, the State Anti-Crime Command has initiated an Erebus task force to prevent and thwart serious criminal activity across the state.

As of Tuesday, the task force had made seven arrests and confiscated three firearms believed to be linked to illegal motorcycle gangs.

Head of state Mick Fitzgerald said he believes drugs are probably the common denominator among recent shootings.

“There are people who need money, so there are conflicts … people threaten people in this criminal environment every day,” he said.

Literally a few days after the shooting in Auburn 23-year-old nephew of the famous gangster Mahmoud “Karaman” Ahmad was also shot near his home. Rami Iskander was killed a few meters from his pregnant wife and two-year-old son.

The incident happened just 41 days after the death of his uncle, who died in similar circumstances.

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