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Coral Princess docks in Fremantle amid COVID outbreak as guests screened before disembarkation


A cruise ship with about 2,000 guests, 900 crew members and a growing COVID-19 outbreak on board has arrived at Port Fremantle, the first major cruise ship to visit since the pandemic began.

The outbreak was discovered on the Coral Princess shortly before the ship arrived in Broome on Monday, about halfway through a 28-day round-the-world voyage to Australia.

Carnival Australia and P&O Cruises Australia president Marguerite Fitzgerald said cases were limited and well managed, but noted that the number of infections had increased.

“Yesterday we tested all guests on board and we saw an increase in numbers,” she said.

“But the vast majority of our guests will come out to Fremantle today to enjoy the wonderful community.”

Margaret Fitzgerald says more than 90 percent of people aboard the Coral Princess tested negative.(ABC News)

Ms Fitzgerald said more controlled rapid antigen tests had been carried out this morning and most of the guests had tested negative.

“All guests planning to go out in Fremantle, which is most of them, will be screened before they go out,” she said.


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