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Councilor from Albury Darren Cameron confirmed to candidates from the Labor Party in the Far East at eleven o’clock | District News


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Darren Cameron is not stepping down from his role as an adviser in Albury, being on the campaign as Fahrer’s candidate from the Labor Party. His candidacy in the federal election was left until eleven o’clock, but Cameron confirmed on Thursday that he would run for the first time at the federal level after a “broad vetting process” excluded other candidates from the party. “Looking at a couple of other people, my nomination was processed before them. That’s how it turned out,” said Cameron. “Obviously you would like to campaign for many years, but it will not. However, I intend to do it very strongly.” I know that voters want change in Faroe, and voters want change in Australia. It will be a good company. I look forward to it. “Kr Cameron said he would be more than able to combine his duties as an adviser with his campaign.” I have always been more than able to meet my obligations under the Local Government Act. I am proud of that and will continue to do so, “he said. Kerr Cameron said he was running for office because the coalition government would not support the anti-corruption commission with” real teeth “. READ MORE it’s important to the people at Farrer and to the whole of Australia, but at Farrer it’s especially biting, ”he said. – We have a local member (Susan Leigh) who thought it was okay to go to the Gold Coast on a tax-funded trip and buy investment property for $ 755,000 from a Liberal Party donor. “This is the depth of where the standards have fallen to this Morrison government. This man has been dismissed and now she is back as a minister.” I was also disgusted to hear comments from the prime minister who said he and his wife were blessed to have able-bodied children. “It really affects the difference between Labor and the Liberal Party. The Labor Party believes that all people, able-bodied or disabled, are equal, and the Liberal Party obviously believes that some people are more valuable than others.” Our journalists are working hard to provide local, up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can access our trusted content:


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