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Counselor Dean Zakopasto calls for post-service benefits for long-term advisers District News


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Councilor Dean Zapocosta called for more long-term benefits for city council members, noting that the current position lacks the significant protection afforded to state and Commonwealth representatives. Mr. Zakopasto mentioned the lack of support or reward after the service at the Griffith City Council meeting on March 22 in response to a petition for a pension to council members. Under the Local Amendments Bill passed in May 2021, the council has the option of making pension contributions to mayors and council members from July 2022, equivalent to those received by pension council employees. In Griffith, councilors will receive $ 181 a month in pensions, and the mayor will receive $ 394.93 a month. Griffith City Council voted in favor of the proposal in favor of awarding pensions to current councilors, but Mr Zacosta would like to see more support. “We are only compensated for what is required by law, and we do not receive any other benefits. I think it’s time to be rewarded for being on the board when you leave,” he explained. “We’re just running out of time and that’s it.” Mr. Zakopast’s statutory assistance cites proposals to advisers of $ 1,690 monthly in 2021/22, increasing to $ 1,723.80 in July. READ MORE He explained that local councils have not received the same protection that is granted at the state and Commonwealth levels. “We don’t have the privilege of defense. They are protected by parliamentary privileges from courts or accusations of libel, we don’t have that protection, so in order to be an advisor, a person has to be very careful with what they say.” “If you leave, you have no use, so you ask yourself why someone would want to be an advisor when you don’t have protection and financial aid.” He noted that the addition of cash benefits could cause potential advisers to sign up for the wrong reasons, and that voters should be aware of this. “You put any money carrot in front of people, it will encourage them. This is something that voters need to watch very carefully when they go to the polls. ” Our journalists make every effort to provide local, up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can access our trusted content:


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