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Counting free kicks, disagreement of the referee, dangerous selection of Tarin Thomas, upset fans, penalties from 50 meters, Brisbane Lyons against Hawthorne


AFL stars Jack Rivoldt and Christian Petrak have called for more consistent consideration of referee disputes and dangerous free kicks after controversial penalties in the 10th round.

Sydney Young Rifle Chad Warner received a free kick from 50 meters for disagreement, despite the fact that other players later in the round argued without penalty.

Speaking at the AFL 360 on Tuesday night, Rivoldt acknowledged that the rule still has some inconsistencies.

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“I think the most unpleasant thing is a 50-meter penalty (against Chad Warner) – some players go like that (outstretched arms) and get out of it, and then Chad Warner runs too far, shrugs and gets 50,” he said. .

“Do you think there’s a sequence with the rule, or is it written that when you put your hands up, it’s dissent?”

Petrak agreed, adding: “I think it’s more just a sequence and an understanding of what is actually a penalty and what is not, a general rule.

“I think understanding and for the fans; before the season we find out that it will be a free kick, which is not the case, but sometimes the fans don’t really understand what has changed in what is being judged. “

Another controversial decision over the weekend was made during the game between Melbourne and North Melbourne, when “Kangaroo” midfielder Tarin Thomas was claimed for Ed Langdon’s dangerous undercut – Roos coach David Noble said after the game that he will take with the league.

Petrak, Langdan’s teammate, said: “Honestly, I thought it was a clean slate, but then I heard it was a free kick … There was no reaction (from the players). The reaction would be if we hit Tarin Thomas or something. Nobody ran. “

Rivoldt said he was stunned by suggestions that Thomas might face a review of the officer on the roll-out match, saying, “Give me a spell.”

The judge was at the forefront of discussions after the 10th round Hawthorn’s victory over Brisbane Lyons with 63 free kicks pay – the most for a decade.


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