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Court finds Igito Erdogan guilty of killing Sydney teenager Justin Tsang


A man from Sydney who helped torture a teenager to death in a horrific gang attack has been found guilty of murder.

Yigit Jan Erdogan denied the murder of 17-year-old Justin Tsang at a home in Berwood Heights, but after a month-long trial in the NSW Supreme Court, a jury returned the verdict on Wednesday.

Camera iconIgit Erdogan in the back of a police car after his arrest. To you Grains Credit: News Corp Australia

The 22-year-old Erdogan claimed that although he was involved in the early stages of the attack and disposal of Mr Tsang’s body, he was not responsible for the teenager’s death in March 2019.

The court heard that Erdogan, also known to his friends as John, met Mr. Tsang at an online coffee shop, and the couple shared Xanax.

After Mr Tsang went to a stake in Berwood Heights, Erdogan claimed the teen took the property from people who were in the house and there was a dispute over about $ 500.

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Camera iconThe house where the murder took place was later called the House of Horrors. Darren Lee Roberts Credit: News Corp Australia

The conflict escalated, and when Mr. Tsang was later stripped to his underwear, Erdogan hit him with a metal key, stepped on his head and stabbed him, Crown Prosecutor Ken McKay told the court.

Mr Tsang was also attacked with a cricket bat before his body was wrapped in polyethylene and buried at the Wentworth Falls observation deck in the Blue Mountains.

It was posthumously revealed that he had 25 stab wounds to the neck and a skull fracture.

17-year-old victim of the murder of Justin Zang (DO NOT PUBLISH THE NAME OF THE VICTIM)
Camera iconJustin Tsang was killed to death. NSW Police Credit: Supplied

The court found that the head of the murder was Erdogan, and he confessed to killing Mr. Tsang to his neighbors and his girlfriend.

In addition to killing Erdogan, he was also charged with detaining Mr. Tsang for financial gain and causing real bodily harm.

Jurors were released on remand after jurors were unable to pass sentence.

Erdogan’s sentencing date has not yet been set.


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