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Cricket Australia using Microsoft Viva to combat burnout


Cricket Australia accepted Microsoft Viva Insights to help fight employee burnout and improve work experience for its employees.

The sports body has adopted a platform to help eliminate the stresses that arise on workers during a pandemic.

Cricket Australia teamed up with partner Microsoft Engage Squared in September 2021 to deploy the platform through the existing deployment of Microsoft Teams.

Viva Insights allows organizations to identify employees who feel overwhelmed and those who work overtime.

Cricket Australia Senior Customer Service Manager Emma Cashen said the organization’s quarterly employee engagement surveys found that the effects of COVID-19, including closing borders, postponing or canceling matches and downsizing, are affecting staff.

“Quite often people feel tired and overwhelmed, and trips to and from the office, which no longer exists, blur the line between their home life and working life,” she said. “It was this tired workforce that was potentially entering the planning season and feeling inadequate.”

Deploying Viva Insights has helped the organization learn that its top managers and above are at greatest risk of burnout due to prolonged work.

“With this understanding, we can encourage them to take advantage of their own advice and take breaks where they can. We have learned to set an example, and when they take leave or turn off for it, it also enables their employees to do the same. We saw a big shift in the fact that they went offline and delegated someone else to fulfill their role, “said Cashen.

In the future, Cricket Australia plans to integrate the results of the participation survey, which is currently being conducted through Culture Amp, into Viva Insights, Cache said. The organization is also exploring the possibility of deploying other modules as part of the Viva deployment, such as Viva Connections and Viva Learning.

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