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Crikey: Paris Hilton joins the Irwins at Uber Eats


Paris Hilton – a new employee of the Irwin Zoo in the latest incarnation of the popular Uber Eats Tonight I will eat companies.

It’s hard to imagine a man less adapted to Australian fauna like Paris Hilton. Hilton moves his famous chihuahua to a snake show.

The Uber Eats ad, launched in 2017, has long featured famous and beloved Australians. Last year’s campaign, starring The Wiggles and new bandmate Simon Cowell as the grumpy Gray Wiggles, became a hit. It has also angered parents from across the country who undoubtedly want nothing more than to end The Wiggles stir.

This new location brings together another pair of polar opposites: Irvins in the fresh air and Paris Hilton, who is indoors.

The company, developed in partnership with Special Group for the Australian market, also features three other videos showing Paris ’clash with her new family. There will also be OOH and social activations.

David Griffiths, head of marketing at Uber Eats ANZ, spoke about the company.“In our latest creative‘ Paris Irwin ’we appeal again to families, bringing together beloved Irwin and star Paris Hilton. If this instant iconic combination was not enough, we also included some of the most iconic animals in the world. From crocodiles, to giraffes, to snakes and chihuahuas! This is a constant focus on social entertainment and a new level of retail conversion. It will be our biggest campaign to date. ”

Social entertainment in advertising

Uber Eats’ focus on “social entertainment” is a reminder to view advertising as more than just marketing. It should be seen as part of the brand’s offering. This serves to create a brand spirit that attracts customers, not just pushes them to product. The advertising that does this is much more effective and memorable, especially among Generation Z customers.

According to Sarah Paris, Creative Director of Special, the company should be not just funny but also interesting. “This year, the brand platform‘ Tonight I’ll Eat ’brings together two individuals who love animals from polar opposite worlds,” she said. “Throughout the campaign, the difference in their approach to their animals leads us through roller coasters quarrels, broken hearts, good intentions and failures. All of this can be in any modern Australian family. ”

And Hilton herself was having fun. “Starting with writing the script and ending with the set, it was a pleasure to work with Australian creatives on the finished product, which I find quite amazing and which I am really proud of. The Irvine have become my ZFF – they are forever my family at the zoo ”.


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