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Crowdfunding for schools? – School news


While crowdfunding will never be able to offer aspects of building a traditional fundraising community, a method preferred by technology startups and entrepreneurs can offer a lot to schools and can be used to raise funds for a wide range of projects.

Due to years of COVID uncertainty, fundraising in schools is experiencing a seismic shift. Large-scale activities can be canceled due to blocking, and more intimate indoor activities can be destroyed due to density restrictions. Perhaps it’s time for schools to take a more inattentive approach to fundraising.

What are the benefits of crowdfunding? Those who like crowdsourcing as a fundraising method usually list the following:

  • It can be conducted entirely online, increasing donor coverage across schools in the city, region or even across the country
  • Most crowdfunding sites do not require an initial cost
  • No money processing
  • You don’t need to “sell” anything.
  • Volunteers are required to contribute less
  • Good for parents who don’t have the time and just want to contribute without involvement.

There are a number of public sites that can be used to crowdfund a wide range of projects, many of which will be immediately familiar, such as Everyday Hero, Go Fund Me, Facebook Fundraising and Fundraise Yourself, which is a unique platform just for schools. .

Most sites seem to charge a fee for using their sites, and the amount involved varies. Some sites allow you to transfer these costs to your donors. They also charge donors a small fee for credit card processing. In return, you will often be given access to software and sites that allow you to promote your project to the general public.

Restricted schools choose to “raise funds”

School news appealed to a registered charity Schools Plus, which was created after the 2011 Gonski Review to close the gap caused by the shortcoming. It has helped eligible schools raise more than $ 26 million in funding over the past five years alone, helping vulnerable schools create a range of programs, from engaging literacy professionals to reintroducing Aboriginal local languages.

Schools Plus CEO Rosemary Cohn told us: “During the pandemic, many schools failed to use traditional methods such as cake kiosk, holiday or free clothing day to raise funds, so it was great to have the Fundraise Yourself platform as an alternative.

“We have seen schools successfully fund a wide range of initiatives, including projects that have increased access to technology, purchased regalia for graduates or provided much-needed modernization of outdoor learning spaces.”

This platform allows schools with an ICSEA (Community Social Benefit Index) value below 1,000 to raise funds online, and donors to these schools can qualify for a tax deduction through DGR1 Schools Plus status. More than 4,000 of Australia’s most vulnerable schools will be eligible to participate: ICSEA results can be found at My school website.

It should be noted that for an effective crowdfunding, schools need to keep in mind a specific project that improves measurable educational outcomes for students. It cannot be used to fund basic training programs, office equipment, research or other government-funded activities.

How do you know if crowdfunding is right for your school?

Crowdfunding will be as successful as the marketing behind it. You may not be selling disco or hot dog tickets, but you will still need to sell your project and work hard to reach donors.

The most successful crowdfunding companies are those that have separate, separate projects with clear and measurable results. You need to know who your audience is and where you will find them online.

While your school community is the obvious goal of your campaign, you also need to think more broadly and think about reaching out to alumni and alumni, local businesses and the wider community who would see the value of your project. Check with your local history newspaper and make sure links to your online company are included.


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