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Dams dropped and flood warnings issued as buckets of rain in southeast Queensland | Queensland


In southeastern Queensland, flooding is again observed: more than 100 mm of rain fell on several wet watersheds, and dams leak water before wetter weather.

The Sunshine Coast suburb of Maroochydore recorded 122mm 24 hours before 9am on Sunday. Nearby Mululaba exceeded 112 mm, while more than 100 mm also fell further south into Parrearra Vir and inland into Mountain Creek.

Set by a low-pressure coastal basin north of Gladstone, it came after five deadly floods in Queensland since December that scientists have linked to a second picture of La Niña in two years.

Brisbane was slightly better during the last downpour, recording less than 24mm overnight, while the Gold Coast gained 54mm.

The Bureau of Meteorology has issued more than a dozen flood warnings across the region, and floodplains between St. Lawrence and Brisbane are monitoring floods.

Seqwater has informed residents of the Pine Rivers and Morton Bay area that the North Pine Dam will start releasing floods on Saturday night. The public service said Youngs Crossing, downstream from the dam, is likely to be flooded and the Morton Bay Regional Council will close the road.

“If you are downstream from the dams, stay away from fast-moving or deep water near waterways and floodplains,” the warning said.

Smaller dams between the Sunshine Coast and NSW borders also overflowed or leaked water.

To the west of Brisbane, major flooding is possible along the Kandamin River, the peak of which is projected to reach a height of about 9.3 meters above the main flood level on Sunday.

Floods are also on the maps downstream along the Balloon River, and new tides are expected in a few days.

Shane Kennedy, a BOM forecaster, said on Saturday that residents of Diranbandi and Hebel could be isolated by flood waters next week.

“It’s just a matter of training and making sure everyone is loaded with supplies before it happens again,” he said.

“We’ve seen a few peaks this season across the Condamin and Balloon system.”

Small coastal downpours are likely to continue for a week, and downtown Queensland is also expected to rain until conditions ease.

“Next weekend we can finally see a little more sunlight in the southeast,” Kennedy said.


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