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Daniel Andrews has criticized the nanny state rules for Victorian parks


Daniel Andrews has been accused of trying to impose “babysitting” rules in his state’s city and regional parks.

Walkers and riders caught not using government-sanctioned trails face hefty fines, and swimmers may be banned from certain waterways without permission.

The new rules, which will affect more than 50 urban and regional parks across Victoria, have been outlined in the government’s proposed Metropolitan and Regional Parks Regulations.

The changes include a fine of up to $924 for leaving a parkway.

Victorians who carry out “intrusive research” – interfering with “wildlife, soil, rocks, vegetation or visitors or contravening any regulations applicable to the park” – can be fined $1,472.

Those who want to swim in a park body of water will need a permit unless that waterway has been specifically designated for swimming.

Rock climbers, climbers, hang gliders and paragliders will also need to obtain a permit unless a special area is set aside.

Those who want to fill up their chainsaw with fuel or oil can also face a fine of $1,840.

The rules, which are currently under consultation, are due to come into force before the upcoming November 26 election.

Speaking to The Australian, a spokeswoman for Environment Minister Lily D’Ambrosio said the reforms would only be made to protect parks and heritage.

“(The department) is reviewing the submissions and will develop recommendations for the minister in the coming weeks.”

But the opposition accused the government of failing to strike a balance between protecting parks and interfering with freedoms.

“Instead, Labor is taking a nanny approach and has repeatedly taken extreme measures that close the land off from society,” said James Newbery.

“Conservation relies on community participation and investment in the future of our unique lands.”

Originally published as Dan has criticized the State’s regulations on nannies in Victorian parks


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