Home Sports Daniel Ricciard’s position, stream, network, updates, video, Max Ferstappen vs. Charles Leclerc

Daniel Ricciard’s position, stream, network, updates, video, Max Ferstappen vs. Charles Leclerc


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Max Ferstappen returned with success at the first Miami Grand Prix, passing both Ferraris for 10 laps to take the lead in the race.

The world champion Red Bull started third at the International Racecourse in Miami, but at the start jumped Carlos Sainz from Ferrari before aiming for title leader Charles Leclerc.

Ferstappen perfectly distributed his attack, using the DRS on the main straight line to overtake turn 1 on the ninth lap.

He leads the race after 20 laps, ahead of Leclerc and Saints.

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Daniel Ricciardo qualified in the 14th, failing to reach the 3rd quarter on Saturday – but jumped to two positions in the net when both Aston Martin cars were stuck in the garage.

He took a position at the start of the race and later made a textbook move with late braking on Yuki Tsunoda.

“This is old Daniel Ricciardo, whom we know and love,” Martin Brandl said on Sky Sports.

Told the driver Lance Stroll Sky Sports before the race he wasn’t entirely sure what was going on, but said it had to do with fuel.

Ted Kravitz later confirmed on Sky Sports that the team’s fuel was “too cold” for the regulations, and it had to be heated to reach the legal temperature, otherwise the team risked a fine.

Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes started from sixth but returned to eighth after Fernando Alonso touched with his back left wheel.

“I definitely feel like I have some damage on the back left,” he told his team, although Mercedes insisted the data showed there was no problem.

Worse for Mercedes was the fact that another racer, George Russell, dropped three places at the start, dropping to 15th.

Earlier, Hamilton was accused of “childish” antics in preparation for the race, when the FIA ​​is preparing to limit jewelry and proper refractory underwear.

Hamilton is going to lift the jewelry ban by visibly dressing as much as possible at a pre-race press conference, while Vettel mocked the lingerie ordinance by wearing it outside of his racing suit.

Talking to Sky Germanyformer driver Ralph Schumacher was not impressed.

“I find it all a little childish, to be honest,” he said.

“Drivers who drive Formula 3 and Formula 4 should know that the big ones stick to it.

“And first of all it’s about our own safety and what’s really funny is that such experienced people who have seen so many accidents are making fun of it.”


First row Charles Leclerc (MON / Ferrari) Carlos Sains (ESP / Ferrari)

2nd round Max Ferstappen (NED / Red Bull) Sergio Perez (MEX / Red Bull)

3rd row Walter Botas (FIN / Alfa Romeo) Lewis Hamilton (GBR / Mercedes)

4th row Pierre Gasley (FRA / AlphaTauri) Landa Norris (GBR / McLaren)

5th row Yuki Tsunoda (JPN / AlphaTauri) Lance Stroll (CAN / Aston Martin)

6th row Fernando Alonso (ESP / Alpine) George Russell (GBR / Mercedes)

7th row Sebastian Vettel (GER / Aston Martin) Daniel Ricciardo (AUS / McLaren)

8th row Mick Schumacher (GER / Haas) Kevin Magnussen (DEN / Haas)

9th Council Zhou Guanyu (CHN / Alfa Romeo) Alexander Albon (THA / Williams)

10th row Nicholas Latifi (CAN / Williams) Esteban Ocon (FRA / Alpine)

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Qualification report

Leclerc made the fastest lap in one minute and 28,796 seconds, two decades ahead of his teammate Saints.

Ferstappen was third after a small mistake on the last lap. His Red Bull teammate Sergio Perez was fourth, Walter Botas fifth behind Alfa Romeo and seven-time champion Lewis Hamilton sixth in Mercedes.

Ferstappen, who scored 59 points in the championship and is 27 points behind Leclerc, swallowed his disappointment after missing most of Friday’s practice.

“Overall, I’m very happy with the qualification,” said the Dutch driver.

“Yesterday I literally did four or five laps. All day I have been trying to explore the track and trying to find a decent balance in the car, and in fact to be so competitive in qualifying, it was a bit of a surprise because it is a difficult route to explore.

“Sure, you want to be on the pole, but where we came from, we did a very good job. But we need to start making the weekend a little less difficult because that way it will always be difficult.

“We have a good chance tomorrow. The car is driven quite well, so I’m looking forward to it.

Science, who recovered well after the crash in practice on Friday, said it was difficult to regain his confidence and put a lot of pressure on such a punitive track.

“We need to step up after a rather serious accident,” he said. “It was quite difficult to regain confidence in such a difficult track as this new one.”

“Tomorrow will be an interesting day with everything that will happen this weekend. We haven’t run long distances yet, we haven’t refueled the car, so tomorrow is the first time.

“It may be a problem, but I feel confident with the car. It’s nice to drive here, so I think we can do a good job. “

For Leclerc it was the third pole this year and the 12th in his career. For Science it was the second time he had secured a start in the front row. It was the first Ferrari lockout in the front row after the 2019 Mexican Grand Prix.

Pierre Gasley of Alpha Tauri finished seventh, ahead of Land Norris of McLaren and Yuki Tsunoda in the second match of Alpha Tauri, while Lance Strohl finished 10th behind Aston Martin.

Daniel Ricciardo was a poor 14th.

Hamilton was relieved to take third place after Mercedes suffered a disgrace by failing to qualify for any of its cars in the top 10 at the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix.

“It’s a lot better than last week for me,” he said. “So I’ll take it. The car is a little better, but we need to keep working and lower our heads. “

His teammate George Russell took 12th place in qualifying.

“It’s embarrassing,” he said. “Today my lap was slower than yesterday in the second training session. There was potential, but the feeling was that it was too inconsistent. ”