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Dawson’s ex-lover testifies on the fourth day


A former student of Chris Dawson, who moved in with him and then married after his wife Lynette disappeared, will testify on the fourth day of his murder trial.

A woman known as JC testified in the NSW Supreme Court on Friday that Dawson told her his wife would never return after her disappearance.

She said 73-year-old Dawson asked her to move into his home in early January 1982 because his wife had left a religious sect and he needed her help to care for the couple’s two children.

JC moved into Beyview’s home, Sydney, just weeks before she turned 18 because she felt she had nowhere else to go.

“I felt obligated. I didn’t feel I had a choice,” J.K.

JC denied that he was happy that Lynette had disappeared.

“I didn’t want to take responsibility for cooking, cleaning, caring for Lynn’s children, whom she loved. I wondered where she was.

“I wanted her back so I could go and live my life at 17 years old.”

Lawyer Pauline David questioned that her claims that she was Dawson’s sex slave were a good way to sell an unpublished book she had written about her life.

She also denied that a book called “The Schoolgirl, Her Teacher and His Wife” had reinvented her life with Dawson to destroy him.

Dawson and JC married in 1984 and divorced in 1990.

The former rugby league teacher and player has pleaded not guilty in the Lynett murder trial.

The crowning cause is that he killed her and got rid of her body because of his affair with JC.

Mrs. David claimed that Dawson could have let his wife down as a husband, but he did not kill her.

She said the police investigation into Lynette Dawson’s disappearance was flawed and they were unable to track her alleged phone calls and observations of her after she was allegedly killed.

On Monday, JC will return to Witnesses.

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