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Deal of the Day: How Lendi Group’s Tech Innovations Are Changing the Brokerage Game


Landy The group laid out its ambitious vision for brokers at its inaugural group conference on the Gold Coast: an average deal per day.

The goal, which is already being achieved by Lendi Home Loan specialists, will become possible for the entire Group thanks to advanced technologies.

The Landy The platform is now Australia’s premier online home loan platform, combining smart technology to streamline the home loan application process with access to over 25 lenders and 2,500 different home loan options.

In a few weeks, Australian brokers will begin migrating to Lendi Group’s technology platform, which will be used by the Lendi and Domain Home Loan channels, which are among the most productive in the industry, with some of the platform’s brokers on track to generate $100 million in housing this year.

Lendi Group’s platform also provides best-in-class speed, transparency and simplicity to improve customer identification efficiency, verification, upload documents to electronic signature and more.

The platform will provide Australian brokers with access to Lendi Group’s trademark world-first technology. Approval Confidence, a real-time indicator of whether a loan will be approved by nine major lenders, found that lenders achieve loan-to-settlement conversion rates up to 10% higher than the panel.

On the first day of the conference, General Director of Distribution of Lendi Group, Brad Crumb, spoke about the business results achieved after the merger and highlighted the group’s ambitions. Crumb said the Lendi Group has a breadth of capabilities that are simply unmatched in the industry.

In FY22, Lendi Group achieved $33.6 billion in settlements, 6.3% market share, 35% year-over-year growth, 1,319 brokers and ended the fiscal year with 233 stores.

“This conference is a showcase and a physical demonstration of the breadth and depth of investment aimed at supporting our brokers. We have entire teams and world-class technology, all focused on helping solve problems and unlock growth.”

Australian mobile brokers who have chosen the Lendi platform and its associated benefits are already reaping the benefits of the new processes with the introduction of two new operating models, Partners and Client Solutions.

Highly skilled Associates teams make first contact with customers to qualify them and assist with loan packaging to provide a personalized customer experience, reduce contact points from inquiry to settlement and nurture customers with less intent.

Since May, 75% of Australian mobile brokers have adopted the new model and have seen a significant increase in acceptances for approval and approval speed.

Brad Crumb (pictured) said it’s all about building the chain of the future, which includes the beginnings of the “retail stores of the future” that are also evolving.

“All channels and brands continue to focus on innovating, growing and supporting brokers going forward, ensuring we have the assets and capabilities to set new benchmarks in customer experience and continually improve performance and efficiency.”

More than 800 brokers from all over the country take part in the event.


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