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Defense invites technology startups to the presentation


The Department of Defense in July will host a summit aimed at giving technology startups the opportunity to offer their ideas or innovations to improve ADF capabilities.

The first Summit on Defense, Science, Technology and Research in Australia will be held in Sydney and online from 20 to 22 July.

The event will feature an “alley of startups” designed to get startups to offer their ready-made innovations to defense representatives and other summit delegates.

Chief Defense Scientist Professor Tanya Monroe said the department is particularly committed to “building partnerships with those working with artificial intelligence and machine learning, biotechnology, cybersecurity, space, robotics, virtual and augmented reality, and software development, and software development.” .

Areas to be explored at the summit include AI-human interaction and confidence building, resilience of people and teams in adverse conditions, navigation in the absence of GPS and satellites, practicality of 3D printing parts in combat and protection of satellites from space debris and enemy attacks .

“The central theme of the summit is the“ sustainability ”of our defense forces. Sustainability is the ability and capacity of human-technical systems to adapt quickly and recover from unexpected interventions, disturbances, adversities and threats. ADSTAR is committed to using smart Australian science and technology and building new partnerships to build that sustainability, ”Monroe said.

«[For startups] it is a unique opportunity to combine your ideas with a number of potential defensive applications. You never know where your innovation may find a new application in support of protection. ”

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