Home Sports Demonstrate the strength of Fitzroy’s first-nation novices against Carlton VFL equipment

Demonstrate the strength of Fitzroy’s first-nation novices against Carlton VFL equipment


The Fitzroy Cubs secured a win over Carlton’s team from the VFL in the first match of the road program on Sunday.

The debutants at home in IKON park won in the AFL reserve with a score of 85-79.

On the eve of the rookie draft in the middle of the season next month the match was a demonstration of the first nations and the various talents selected from state and local leagues across the country.

The increased profile hopes to help players move into new opportunities in the park and beyond.

“While more than 10 percent of indigenous players are represented in AFL men’s competitions, the number of indigenous and multicultural players in tier two competitions is lower in comparison,” said AFL Talent Diversity Manager Paul Vandenberg.

Kobe Brown hits the gates of the Cubs.
image: Jethro Calma-Holt

“We believe that this program will give the natives and residents of the island of Torres Strait, as well as young people from different cultures a new way to elite football competitions, and we are delighted with the additional opportunities that the program will present.”

Vandenberg, Northern Bulllants assistant coach Jason Williams and three-time AFL Prime Minister and Cubs manager Chris Johnson played an important role in the process.

Johnson is a man of Gunditjmara and Wiradjuri and has worked with a number of similar institutions since his retirement.

“Now there is great potential, so much space and so much appetite for people of indigenous and multicultural origin to participate in football,” he said.

“Many players who have gone through our programs at one stage or another have lost the opportunity to demonstrate their skills over the last couple of years.

“We were lucky to bring them together, play against the team and put them in front of a team that works very closely with AFL Victoria.”

The lineup for Sunday’s match was finally determined after the talent show last month.

Their skills and prospects were fully demonstrated during the match, however Johnson was quick to recall opportunities beyond being picked up as a player.

“When they get into the state league or play in the league

Smoking ceremony before the match.
image: Jethro Calma-Holt

there is a lot of competition in the local league, there is nothing wrong with that, ”he said.

“They should also celebrate it.

“We look at employment opportunities in the construction industry, with hiring or group services, and then give them some options as to what might happen in AFL clubs in terms of pushing clubs to actually employ multicultural Indigenous people not just for these particular roles, but also potentially as well as key roles ”.

Sunday’s competition was held as a preliminary course to Sir Doug Nichols ’AFL Indigenous rounds, which began on Friday night.

Nichols’ niece, Aunt Zeta Thomson, and her family presented a welcoming ceremony in the country and smoking before the first bounce.

Fitzroy’s cubs plan to play more games in the future.


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