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Digital technology, supply chain problems and staffing problems, God!


What worries small business owners in Australia before the federal election? According to the latest Xero results, supply chain problems, staffing problems and digital technology are at the top of the list.

When it comes to voting this weekend, 40 percent of respondents say small business support policies are their main factor in making a decision. A third of respondents (33.1 percent) believe that a cash rebate or technology grant will help them use more digital tools in their business, and they will look for policies that support digital transformation. 78 percent of business owners are concerned about keeping up with technology, and 40 percent of small business owners surveyed do not feel ready to switch to technologies such as e-invoicing.

Additional concerns of small businesses surveyed include supply chain disruptions (23.7%), wage costs (22.6%) and staff shortages (21.3%). About a third (32 percent) are still concerned about COVID-19 in 2022, but are more optimistic – saying it will be better than in previous years

Joseph Lyons, head of Xero in Australia and Asia, said that in this election the parties take into account the main problems of small business.

“Small business is central to our communities and the success of our economy. When we make an important democratic decision for the nation, these polls open up a clear opportunity to help small businesses take advantage of technology to move it into the future, ”Lyons said.

The CEO of Xero believes that digital tools and solutions, such as electronic invoices, can help businesses in the future, but more needs to be done to help small businesses thrive.

“By prioritizing digital business processes, we can help simplify regulatory compliance and support smaller businesses to enjoy the benefits of technology,” Lyons added.

Recovery from COVID-19 remains a priority for Australian business

Recovery from COVID-19 remains a high priority for small business owners: a quarter of respondents are concerned that they will not recover to COVID-19 during the year, and one in four are concerned about the need for support packages for future problems with COVID-19. 19.

The effects of closed borders still affect small business owners: 40% of respondents say their business has suffered from a lack of technical skills in the last two years, while almost a quarter (24.7%) of small business owners surveyed said they are hoping for a new government and policy to hire new people for their business.

“Technology, skills development and digital support for small businesses have been the focus of the election campaign on both sides.

“As we progress, we hope to see small business owners, as well as the accounting and accounting community that supports them, stand up for the discussions. We look forward to how the election results better serve the small business community in the long run, ”Lyons said.

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